10 Most Beautiful Islands to Travel in 2018

Nature, has never failed to amaze the human eye. The world has been painted by some amazing colours and decorated by some distinguishing typographies. Mountains to desserts, valleys to plateaus; the world is definitely a masterpiece. A part of this masterpiece are some stunning islands spread across the surface of the Earth.
Sprawling sea shores, sparkling and moving waves and untouched pockets of wilderness are all certifications to be incorporated among the
best islands on this planet. Here is a list compiled that highlights some of the best islands of the world.


The most enchanting island of the world is Maui. The Hawaiian island of Maui is a place where people can connect with nature. A trip to this island includes enjoying the serene beauty, stretching on a slightly warm and cozy, golden brown sands, warmness of the sun and an exciting surf for a memorable windsurfing or snorkeling session.

Maui, Hawaii

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