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by Dealon Brounx
alakkir island lost ark

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of obtaining the soul of Alakkir Island while playing The Lost Ark.

The Ocean of Kratos are the region that contains Alakker Island. Therefore, you should look for it east of Arthetine. However, due to the fact that the island is not marked in any way on the map, it can be quite challenging to locate it. In some circles, it is also referred to as the “Chicken” island. Therefore, the item layout requirement must be 250. There is a group quest called Terrifying Chicks that starts once every half an hour. You will need to slaughter seven hundred chickens in order to finish the quest.

How to Get Alakkir Island Soul in Lost Ark

You have to vanquish some really big chickens if you want to get the token for Alakkir Island. In the beginning, there will be two chickens spawn, one black and one white. When one of them is defeated, a boss that looks like a golden chicken will appear. While either the white or the black chicken is still alive, the damage taken by the golden chicken will be reduced, so it is best to eliminate both of them at the same time if you can. Also, when you have around half of your health or less, he will turn everyone into small chickens, and you have to stay alive until the transformations stop.

You need to collect five hundred different colored feathers in order to get the island’s soul. You need to make a trade with the island merchant for some golden chicken feathers. In addition, chickens on the island occasionally drop items, which can be traded for other things with the same vendor. It is imperative that you acquire these items in order to raise your item level from 340 to 360. After defeating the Golden Chicken on the island, you will also have the ability to hatch the island’s large eggs. Eggs will occasionally drop materials that can be bartered with the merchant for other items. There is a possibility that you will give a golden feather, which will initiate a quest that will result in the awarding of an island token. You simply need to accept the quest and bring it back to the island.

Lost Ark’s Alakkir Island Mokoko Seeds

In addition, one mokoko seed can be found on the island of Alakkir in Lost Ark. The mokoko sead is located on the left side of the ship, which can be seen at the edge of the island where there is a wrecked ship. It will be strewn across the rocks where you can find it. That is all there is to obtaining the soul of the Alakkir island in Lost Ark.

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