All about Halo Infinite weapons

by Dealon Brounx
Halo Infinite weapons

Halo Infinite weapons

I’m gonna cover Halo Infinite weapons! So, you will know exactly how each and every weapon works, the pros the cons. All the details will be covered, so you know exactly which weapons you should use to slay out and make Master Chief proud.

Now getting into the specific weapons. We are going to start out with the battle rifle. This is a fan favorite and has been popular throughout Halo’s lifespan. The BR is a three-round burst precision weapon, but it can be highly effective at short-medium, and even longer ranges. If you’re able to be accurate, you’re able to kill an enemy in just four bursts, provided the last burst makes contact with the enemy’s head. This is gonna be the main point with a lot of these weapons.

In Halo you need to fully remove a player’s shields before you can get a clean-up headshot and it doesn’t matter where the first three shots land. For instance, you could four-round burst an enemy with a br. If you were to shoot them in the leg for three bursts and then finish them off with the headshot. So, typically aim around that mid-chest level and then finish them off with the headshot on that fourth first.

Making its Halo Infinite weapon debut is the VK-47 commando.

It’s a completely new UNSC weapon, that sits between the assault rifle and battle rifle as a precision tactical rifle. It has a fully automatic fire mode and a three times tactical optic, but a much slower fire rate and high recoil with a pretty small 20 round magazine. The commando is meant for accurate fire at medium range. A short control burst with the commando can make it better at longer ranges, like a mini dmr, if you guys remember the dmr from previous Halos.

Plasma rifle

Now, if you guys remember the covenant had a plasma rifle, from previous games. for Halo Infinite weapons The pulse carbine is very different in this one. The carbine is now more like the battle rifle, making it more accurate at longer ranges and it’s got a burst fire to it. It’s a little easier to handle without the gun overheating in your hand.

The gun fires a three-round burst, that tracks target and is particularly effective at dropping shields, making it a very good weapon to pair with a straight damage dealer like a br or a sidekick pistol. I did find that the pulse carbine has a slow bullet travel time. A lot of the time at closer ranges, the shots can simply not connect the moving target, so use this weapon at longer ranges to drop shields and switch to another weapon to clean up that kill. This weapon is good!

Assault rifle

Now, the classic assault rifle. Halos classic weapon is also your default weapon and the gun you’re likely to be using most often in quick play in a big team battle. it’s a straightforward assault rifle, that’s effective at close and medium ranges, dumping a lot of ammo on the target quickly. Now anything at longer, than mid-range the ma-40 becomes pretty useless, but in close engagements, it’s an effective gun for ripping apart an enemy shield and finishing the job. I was shocked by how useful the ar is in this game. Don’t be afraid to use this at closer ranges. The side on it is actually decent from close to close mid-range as well. Just, don’t stop firing, when you’re using this gun, keep that right trigger pulled down, triggers down all day.

Shock rifle

Spartans the shock rifle is an electricity gun. It’s an energy weapon, that will chain off your initial target and hit nearby opponents as well. So, if you can snipe into a group with the shock rifle, you might get some collateral damage or even kills. The shock rifle will kill an enemy in one shot to the head, but three shots are required to the body. You can also zap vehicles with a shock rifle, temporarily disabling them. Making these electric-based, shock weapons very useful. Now watch your targeting ridicule for it to pulse a bit, that’s how you know the shot is fully charged.


The sidekick is your standard-issue pistol and it’s a good rangy addition to your loadout, allowing you to effectively hit targets a little bit further out than your ma40 ar can handle. The sidekick can fire very quickly and do a fair amount of damage and like the br is great for picking up headshots on enemies, whose shields are broken. By no means is this weapon as powerful, as the Halo Combat Evolved pistol, but it seems to do the job and can actually kill a spartan in 7 total hits. If you make that last shot a headshot with the pistol.


The mangler‘s more or less halo 3 smaller and works roughly the same way. It’s a pistol-like shotgun, making a good pairing with a longer-range gun in your second weapon slot. The mangler is actually an extremely valuable ranked and competitive weapon, because you are able to eliminate an enemy with one single shot, followed up by a melee. This thing has some crazy high melee damage, so use this thing just like a shotgun.

To be continued…

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