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by Dealon Brounx
alteisen lost ark

In this article, I’m going to explain how to get the Alteisen island soul in Lost Ark. Also, I will reveal you locations of Alteisen island mokoko seeds.

The island of Alteisen can be found to the south of Arthetine. However, the boss Sol Grande that spawns on the island is not always available to fight. The island itself is always accessible. You can check the alarm clock in the top left corner of your screen for all the days in the month by looking at the calendar on your Procyon’s Compass.

How to get Alteisen island soul in Lost Ark

The chance of getting an island soul as a drop from Sol Grande’s boss is random. In addition, Sol Grande has a chance to drop the uncommon Sol Grande Card as well as the Standard materials for upgrading tier 2 equipment. Additionally, this boss has the ability to drop a rare Bleed rune as well as a secret map for the Hestia adventure. This item is a collectible from the Sea Bounty series.

Following the defeat of the boss, there will be a loot auction where you can purchase three engraving recipes of epic quality. In addition, there is a simple purple quest chain on this island. When this quest will be completed, it will award you with seven thousand silver coins. Also, you will recieve three chests containing high seas coins, and a potion that raises your stats.

The fact that this island is almost never occupied by other players when the boss is not about to spawn makes this island unique. Here, you will find the scrap iron piles that can be mined here one of the best aspects of it. If you have the appropriate item level and are able to defeat the trash mobs, you will be able to train your mining skill very easily in this location.

Make sure that your pickaxe has super armor so that your mining doesn’t stop when monsters attack you. This will allow you to continue working uninterrupted. You will also obtain Alteisen scraps from those scrap piles; however, if my recollection serves me correctly, you should not be concerned about them. There was a place where they could make trades in the past.

Lost Ark Alteisen Mokoko Seeds

On this island, there are a total of four mokoko seeds to be found. Behind the metal shed that is situated on the left side of the property is where you will find the first Mokoko seed. For the next one, start from the middle of the map, close to two mining nodes. Then, travel to the node on the left side of the map and then head south from there. The second mokoko seed is located at the edge of the cliff in front of some metal boxes. There is a secret entrance located on the most northern part of the map. When you enter this area, you will be transported to the fourth and third Mokoko Seeds. In the Lost Ark, that wraps up the walkthrough for how to acquire the soul from Alteisen Island.

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