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by Dealon Brounx
anguished isle lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of obtaining the Anguished Isle Soul in Lost Ark here in this article.

The location of Anguished Isle can be found to the southeast of Punika. Additionally, if you are having trouble progressing from tier 2 to tier 3, this isle can be of assistance to you. Keep in mind that even though this is a 1100 gear score island. You do not actually need to be 1100 in order to come here. For the most part, you do not even need to be 1100 in order to complete the quest that is located here. It is necessary to have a level of 1100 in order to participate in certain activities, but reaching that level is not a prerequisite for completing the daily.

How to Get Anguished Isle Soul in Lost Ark

Therefore, the operation of the facility on X-301 Island is very comparable to that of this one. On this island, the Garden of Despair Dungeon will become accessible to you. It will be accessible, once you have finished the simple and relatively short yellow questline that is located on this island. You will also unlock a yellow guest that can be played again and again. You can play it once a day. Als, you will receive the key to the Garden of Despair and crimson skeins as a reward for completing this quest. The key is necessary in order to enter the dungeon.

Therefore, you are only allowed one attempt at this dungeon per day. Broken Stella, the final boss of the Garden of Despair, will occasionally have the opportunity to drop the Anguished Isle Soul. In addition to that, she has a chance of dropping Omnium Star Number 6. It is a collectible item. Also, she will drop some crimson skeins, which can be exchanged for a variety of different things. Crimson skeins can be traded in for legendary overwhelm rune tier 2 and 3 gem chests, life and honor lip stones, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary engravings, and hollow fruit rapport items. These are the items that can be obtained through this method.

Anguished Isle Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

On this island, you can also find a total of six Mokoko seeds. Three of them can be found in the dungeon known as the Garden of Despair. The first of these can be found at a discrete entrance in the southernmost portion of the dungeon. The one that is presented here can be discovered in the initial portion of the dungeon. To obtain the final Mokoko seed in that dungeon, you will need to reduce the boss’s health to less than 15 percent. To the point where it will begin to call upon the exploding clowns. It is necessary for you to entice five of them. Next to the back wall to bring it down. Then proceed forward until you reach the location where the mokoko seed is hidden.

You can also find Mad Ashila in this area. She will drop a necklace if you manage to kill her. It will start a heating quest for you when you use it. At the end of it, you will receive some silver and some crimson skeins as rewards. The players are required to proceed toward the northern side of that same island in order to plant the fourth mokoko seed. This concludes our discussion on how to acquire the soul of the anguished island in the lost ark. If you find this guide to be useful, please let us know in the comments section down below.

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