Apex Legends Rank Boost – Full Guide

by Dealon Brounx
Apex Legends Rank Boost - Full Guide

I want to give you a full guide on rank boosts in Apex Legends and how you can use them to rank up faster yourself. It all starts with understanding the rank system right now. Apex Legends rank system prioritizes placements, but kills are also very important, so your goal in a game really is to get a few kills. Then set yourself up with placements to get into the top five at least, and if you can win out the game.

How to boost your rank in Apex Legends

So it first starts with making sure you can get some kills early game. If you don’t get kills early game, it’s going to become very hard to get kills later on in the game. It’s because everyone wants to get kills and everyone wants to take fights in the late game. If you get into a fight at the start of a game, you’re more likely to get RP and get those kills. It’s because the third partying isn’t so severe at the start of the game. You may get third partying from nearby locations, but everyone else is busy looting. Everyone else is dealing with their things when they first land. So they’re not ready to just jump into a third party at a moment’s notice.

So you want to try and get a POI that’s big enough to support the size of two or three teams. Loot up safely at a spot in that poi and then take a fight landing. Hydroponics is really great. There’s a bunch of loot. It’s a really big spatial area with tons of loot landing. If you want to land in a POI that’s large enough when there’s one or two other teams there, then loot up quickly and go take that initial fight. If anyone pushes you or you just get into a bad situation, or suddenly you’re in between two different squads – you need to back out as quickly as possible.

In the late game rings, setting up defending and just waiting. You can either play at the edge of the ring. It’s is quite a good way to do it. Also, you can try and get yourself quite close to the center of the ring. You need to get rotating into the ring as soon as possible. Yes, the final fight right at the end is going to give you enough kill points alongside the win to max your RP. So there’s no point in killing more than five people in the game.

Which legends should you play to rank effectively?

If you’re playing solo, I think that you should probably take a legend with repositioning abilities. Octane, Valkyrie, Wraith Pathfinder, all of these legends are really good. It’s because you can use your ability selflessly to get away if you need to, if your teammate’s just rushing in and dying, so just use

At your ability to run away and hide, that’s how you play ranked at times, so get a legend with movement. If you are playing with a stack of three or a duo, then you definitely want a movement legend that can work with your team, so a jump pad that Chris Alt or two really good examples, and then you definitely want a recon legend so that you can scan and know where the ring is. Valkyrie does both, so she’s a really great choice, and then if you’re playing a free stack, definitely play Gibraltar.

Should you change your Main for a better rank boost?

So what if you don’t want to play those legends and you want to play your main well? It’s definitely possible. If you’re really experienced in the game, you know that the meta is important. Take a look at Gibraltar, who is a very meta legend at high level but doesn’t get high picks right in unranked games. Horizon, Valkyrie, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Octane, and Wraith-all of the other legends aren’t meta. Very few people are playing them and achieving master or predator status in this game.

Octane one of the best mobility legend

Wraith are also very good mobility legend with some selfish escape tools, so keep that in mind if you do want to pick enough metal legends. Something like Caustic is actually not bad. With his recent nerfs, you can play caustic, you can play safe, you can play ring and just focus on getting into ring placements and just setting up in a building. It still works the same.

Bloodhound is just the most useful viable option because it’s just so much easier to have active scans and you have bloodhound ultimate, which is going to be good for. That’s a little bit of an overview of the Legends that you should play in Apex Legends ranked mode. You can always go to apexlegendsstatus.com to find this out for yourself.

Apex Legends Rank Boost summary

So, in summary, all you really need to do is land somewhere relatively safe, get your initial kp, and then play it safe for the rest of the game. Rinse and repeat and you’ll find it’s the quickest way to do it! As long as you don’t get demoralized and just keep at it, you will eventually rank up. Rank is very time-consuming, so keep that in mind. Hopefully this was a useful guide.


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