Are Fortnite lobbies skill based?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite lobbies skill based

Are Fortnite lobbies skill based? In short, I played 96 solo matches and wasn’t eliminated once. I was the winner in 59 of them. So, based on those numbers, how would the skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite rank me? Would Fortnite think I’m a very good player because I’ve won more than half of my solo games? Or would it put me in easy lobby situations since I wasn’t getting rid of anyone? If the mmr is heavily based on wins, I should be getting harder lobbies, since I was winning more than half of my matches. If the MMR is more based on eliminations, I should be getting easier lobbies.

The data tells, that my lobbies were made up of about 80 AI bots, 10 Switch players and a few Xbox and Playstation players.

Thankfully, there were no PC players. It makes sense, because the MMR probably thinks I’m a complete fool for not eliminating anyone in 96 games. There were also no mobile players, which is strange. I’m saying that eliminations seem to be, at least in my experience, the strongest variable. If eliminations are the strongest or maybe even the only variable, then that’s just lazy.

Also, you could argue, that the more time a player spends in a match, the more experience he or she has.

What about eliminations? Well, it makes sense to include eliminations in your MMR calculation. This is another piece of information that could be skewed by the AI bots. Let’s be honest: if you win 10 games and 8 of them were against AI bots, does that mean you’re ready for harder lobbies? I know, it’s hard to figure out how good a player is.

Epic Games would probably need to hire someone to figure out the MMR formula.

You can think about what your MMR would be, if they used all of the following data, which they already have hardware to measure. Frames per second, input device controller vs. keyboard and mouse. Your ping shows how many materials you use and how long you’ve been away from the game. The bottom line is that when more variables are used to calculate the MMR , each one has less of an effect. This means that the MMR should be more accurate and refined no matter how it is calculated. One thing is clear: a lot of people don’t like the way things are right now.

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