AUG loadout in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
AUG loadout in Warzone

AUG loadout in Warzone. In this article, I want to talk about an absolute sleeper of a weapon that actually beats out some of these top smgs in the stats. how good this thing is on paper? Then, I want to give you some information about how good it is in game as well.

The best smgs are monolithic and the nato 60 round drums, which is that rifle conversion but it’s still great as an smg.

We got the Owen gun, obviously, the top choice for subs right now with its ideal setup, and then also the mp40 short barrel build, which is like one of the most popular choices right now.

When you look at rebirth health here, combination shots per usual, and up close through those first 10 meters, the og has the second fastest ttk, it is actually beating out the mp40. Then the owen gun drops off severely, the mp40 drops off and this AUGs setup absolutely fries through that prime smg range, you know, 34 meters.

I’d say like 40-45 meters is probably that cap in areas for an smg to be usable at.

The AUG clearly holds its own here where yeah it might not have the fastest ads, it might not have the fastest mobility versus some of these other options, but when it comes to just having your sights up and then hitting shots on an enemy, very few things are going to be able to beat the og consistently, especially like I said in that prime smg range and honestly, the same thing sort of applies to Caldera. 

It’s still that second best ttk through the first 10 meters, then over range, the AUG clearly holds its own here and can still fry, which I was not expecting. I knew the og had a good ttk, but I did not realize it was able to beat out things like the owen gun and the mp40 in a pretty drastic way, especially over range here. Also factor in its minimal recoil and very clean iron sights, like this thing is actually a very very dependable smg.

So I was using the XM4’s usual setup. The og is a secondary double-time overkill, and the throwing knife is the stem. This setup is interesting because it’s not the usual smg setup for MW guns. You can use a monolithic suppressor and the Nato 60-round drums. 

If you wanted to use 30 in solos, do it. It’s going to be a little bit faster, but if you’re playing squads, you probably want to have the 60 on there even though it does make you a little bit slower because just that forced reload can really throw you off. So, that was the best AUG loadout in Warzone.

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