Best audio settings for Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
Best audio settings for Warzone
Best audio settings for Warzone

Best audio settings for Warzone. Maybe you know about that how low actually has louder footstep audio. Obviously, you want to use the audio setting that produces the loudest footstep audio, but the problem with boost low is that the sounds of like cars or when you’re flying in, for example, are just unnecessarily low-fi.

So, obviously you can set your audio mix to boost low, since it produces the loudest footstep audio.

Then you have to want to set your master volume to 100, which I know might be unnecessarily loud for a lot of you guys, but trust me, we will fix that later in the video. You want our music volume at zero and then put your dialogue volume at 30, but anything under 50 should be fine. You just don’t want the dialogue of the operators to be overwhelmingly loud and to cover up the audio of footsteps. The most important thing is to have effects volume at 100.

If you want to lower the cinematics volume so when you get those cut scenes they’re just not super loud, but using those in-game settings won’t really matter too much if you’re not using sound lock. What sound lock does is it essentially locks your audio so it can’t go over a certain threshold, so those super loud sounds like air strikes or car noises or gunshots, you can limit how loud those sounds are without turning down the volume of those lower sounds like footsteps.

So this allows you to play with your game at a hundred percent volume without blowing your eardrums out.

You’re still able to get those loud footstep sounds. Once you have sound lock installed, just double click on the desktop icon and then you click this little up arrow in the bottom right hand corner and you’ll see the little lock icon here, so just click on that and it’ll bring this little menu up here for you. To start, you’re going to want to click on the little gear cog in the settings wheel right there and you’re going to get all the settings here.

Also, make sure your output device is set correctly, just make sure your headphones are selected or if your headphones are the default device then you know that’ll be fine under filter mode here. You’re going to want to switch this to filter master when windows starts because I only want this program when you are playing warzone, otherwise it’s going to lock the audio of everything on my PC when you are not playing warzone and then I have this second one checked here where it says automatically enable sound lock when it starts.

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