Best controller settings for Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
controller settings for Warzone

Best controller settings for Warzone. Aiming in a war zone is hard. You have to track enemies up close, track them far away, and switch between multiple targets. However, it is likely the most important skill to possess because, as useful as advanced movement is, you cannot slide. ‘re gon na shoot him. You’re gon na death shoot him in this war game. You get a gun and you should be filled. A big part of why aiming is so hard is that you have to find the right controller settings or sensitivities.

Your sensitivity basically controls how responsive your crosshair is when you move your thumb stick.

At higher sensitivities, you can move your aim faster, but it’s going to be more difficult to control. It’s kind of like driving a sports car. It might seem fun to go really fast, but at those top speeds, it’s very easy to lose control.

So finding the right sensitivity is about navigating this balance. Also, that’s easier said than done because when you open the controller settings page it can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different possible combinations that if you try to do the math with how many there are your head might actually explode.

Also, there are really reasons why you can’t just copy someone’s settings.

Let’s break it down. The reason is that all controllers are different, even ones that look identical when anything is made or manufactured. There are slight differences from one part to the next, so the analog sticks in one controller might feel looser or tighter compared to an identical controller, and looser analog sticks will make you feel like you’re playing on a higher sensitivity than what you actually are. The differences can also be more extreme. Some players prefer to use taller thumb sticks or analog sticks with added tension.

So obviously you still need to be able to react to getting shot in the back, so I probably wouldn’t ever go below 4, but I would always recommend prioritizing your aiming control over speed and warzone, so you’ll also need to have good tracking. This is where the ad multiplier comes into play. As the name implies, when you aim down sight this multiplier kicks in and adjusts your sensitivity by its value, so if you’re playing with a 0.8 multiplier when you aim down sight, your sensitivity becomes 8. 

Also, the best option that I found is to get a friend and drop in a plunder or a custom game of Modern Warfare. What you want to do is have your friends strafe back and forth at different distances while you practice tracking their movement. Then, once you get comfortable with that, have your friends start using advanced movements like slide cancelling and bunny hopping. Then, through trial and error, you’ll want to adjust your ads multiplier until your tracking feels really consistent.

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