Best landing spots in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
Best landing spots in Fortnite

Best landing spots in Fortnite. In this article, I want to reveal you the best drop spots in this season. First landing spot is going to be known as the Camp Cuddle cabin. This is located near camp Cuddle as the name implies. It’s going to be having seven chests, two knobs, boxes, three coolers. It’s also going to have fishing spots in the lake nearby, a car which is nearby for your rotation. Also, there’s going to be two people here, contesting you. This drop spot’s really good for people, who want to land somewhere low-key ,but also want to have to try to get one or two kills off spawn. You can always rotate the Camp Cuddle and try to w-key there.

One of the best landing spots in Fortnite is the Sunflower Saplings.

This place is going to be having 11 chests, one safe, two coolers, fishing spots nearby in the river. It’s also gonna have some cars for rotation, some mats from the trees, rocks and fences. This time, you’re going to be closer to poi, such as Daily Bugle and Coney –°rossroads. You’re going to be able to w-key people much faster and you’re going to be in a really good spot for mid game fighting. Not everybody is good at mid game. Fighting the real benefit of this drop spot is that you’re able to get a lot of mats very quickly and then leave with a lot of resources. You will get heals, good weapons, good ammo pretty much anything you need.

The next drop spot is going to be known as Synapse station.

This place is actually a named POI on the map, but it’s one of the more low-key smaller name pois. This is gonna be having 16 chests, a vending machine, slurp barrels, three coolers and fishing spots in the ocean nearby. It’s gonna have rifts and boats for rotation. Then, it’s gonna have up to three to four people maximum. Synapse station is pretty good for those of you semi-pros, that try to play passive. If you are semi-pros or if you’re just good competitive player, this place is definitely for you. If you have a southern map, you’re pretty much set for success.

However, if the map is northern, the rotation does get a bit hard. Obviously, there are some cars and some rifts, which do make the rotation a little bit easier. Also, you have to properly understand how to loot this place quickly. So, this drop spot truly powerful, if you’re able to utilize it right.

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