Best M13 loadout in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
Best M13 loadout in Warzone

Best M13 loadout in Warzone. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the last time I even ran or uploaded the m13. However, I do have something to tell you about this rifle.

The monolithic suppressor is, without a doubt, the first attachment for M13 loadout in Warzone

You can use it with this weapon system that you have access to. If you don’t recall, the monolithic was basically mounted on each and every type of MW cannon. In the event that you do remember, the monolithic appeared in each and every class. If you build, then, as I stated before, it is essential for the construction of the building. Definitely toss it on there, and then you’ll have the tempest marksman barrel, which will offer you control over the recoil, the damage range, and the bull velocity of your weapon. In a manner comparable to how the other attachment works in conjunction with the monolithic to increase your hitting power, which is something that the M13 unquestionably needed.

It’s one of the attachments making this thing a laser beam.

Like I’m telling you guys, the m13 does not move at all, so definitely toss on the tempest marksman. And then I was running the corp combat hollow side with the blue dot reticle, which is super self-explanatory. Of course, it’s all preference, but this one is very very clean. And then going into the laser beam stuff, you got the commando for grip. It giving you recoil stabilization and aiming stability overall. Again, making you a beam mixing with the barrel mixed with everything else. This m13 does not move whatsoever and this commander four grip has quite a bit to do with that, so definitely toss it on.

This M13 loadout has a pretty quick firing rate.

It’s on like the medium level for damage. So, you definitely need the 60 round mag for that fire rate and damage properly. At that point, I was running the 60 round mag because the M13 has a very fast fire rate.

To summarize, and as I’ve already mentioned, I have no idea when the last time was that I posted or ran the m13, but this thing is truly revolting. As I’ve already mentioned, the degree of damage it deals is somewhere in the middle. But considering its high rate of fire, absence of recoil, and the number of bullets you won’t miss because it’s so simple to operate, this thing is seriously dangerous. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to follow through with it and test out the entire cost.\

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