Best perks for Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
Best perks for Warzone

Best perks for Warzone. In this article, I want to talk about the best perks to use in Call of Duty Warzone. There’s been a lot of changes recently. There was a brand new perk added. There’s a lot of good options, plenty of good balance honestly¬†

First, there are two perks that I want to kind of eliminate and not recommend.

Number one is scavenger. This was buffed recently so no matter what they will drop at least two plates plus whatever extra plates they have when you kill someone and you loot them. And also, when you kill someone you will drop more ammo. This is nice, but overall this isn’t really going to save your life. Just better options in the category. The other one that I don’t really recommend is kill chain. All this does is increase your chances of finding kill streaks so uavs precision things like that when you’re looting. In my opinion, Double time is one that I’m iffy about. It doubles the duration of your tactical sprint. However, if you’re properly slide canceling, which resets your tactical sprint.

There’s really no point in using double time.

I will say it does increase your crouch movement speed by 30, which is nice.It reduces your chances of being killed by an explosive unless you get direct impact or are stuck by something like a semtex.

Another interesting thing about eod that a lot of people don’t know about is that if you pick up a frag grenade that was thrown at you. It actually resets the timer back to five seconds and then you can hook it and throw it right back. It’s kind of a cool thing, but it’s not going to happen all that often. It also negates shrapnel, which is perk 3, but very very few people use perk 3.

The best part about eod is that you literally don’t have to think about it and it will save your life a lot and explosives are very prevalent. If you’re not like a super aggressive super mobile player, eod is probably your best bet now with the new perk. Serpentine is a really interesting perk and a very solid option for the highly mobile aggressive player. So it reduces damage taken by 20 if you’re sprinting now. At first, that sounds insane.

However, it’s only your base health.

It does not include your armor, but with the recent increase in health on Rebirth Island and also Caldera, although that was a little bit a while ago, from 100 to 150 20 of 150 is more than 20 of 100, so this can absolutely increase the time to kill of a gun from one to two, maybe even three bullets depending on what type of gun it is, and it can absolutely save your life by giving you that one extra shot to get around cover and get back into the fight.

If you’re a newer player who isn’t super mobile, this won’t help you much. For the more experienced aggressive player, absolutely serpentine is a plus perk. It is one of the best perks in Warzone. Cold-blooded is an interesting perk because it basically just counters other perks. It counters combat scout, and combat scout is one of the best perk threes.

Ultimately, I think cold-blooded is best on Caldera just because of how much more prevalent combat scout is there. It seems like on Rebirth it’s a little bit more of a mixture of perk threes, so if you’re a big Caldera player, I definitely recommend cold-blooded unless you’re that very movable player where I think serpentine is probably your better option there.

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