Best shotgun in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
Best shotgun in Warzone
Best shotgun in Warzone

Best shotgun in Warzone. Well, you’re in luck, because I want to cover just that. In this article, I want to talk about which one I think is the best shotgun in COD: Warzone. Then, give you my class setup for that specific shotgun.

The model 680 is the combat shotgun and the hower.

The model 680 is just an overall powerhouse not only in the damage it does but the range that it does it. The damage is actually better than the other two shotguns thanks to dragon’s breath. Because dragon’s breath on the model 680 in its second damage range does more than 150 health, which means it can break three plates and rebirth. And for that caldera 300 hp game mode, it can actually two-shot in its two-shot range, whereas shotguns like the combat shotgun don’t do over 150 damage in their second damage range.

so that two-shot kill range for normal 250 health game modes doesn’t translate to the 300 hp so the model 680 is generally kind of the best overall. Even though you don’t have as good mobility as with some attachments, you have great stopping power and great range. Well, if you kid it out for range, meaning the marauder suppressor and the sport barrel, you can get two shots up to 11 meters. That is one of the largest in all of the shotgun category and it is a really really strong gun to use. If you kid out the combat shotgun for range, the most you can get is around 9.1 meters again with no slugs.

That’s just insane, not to mention a lot of the attachments can help with your pellet spread, so it’s a really good shotgun.

Overall, the combat shotgun is still really good as well. 9.1 meters with the sawed-off barrel and 12-gauge ammo is really good and you do have more mobility, but I just love the fact that with dragon’s breath on the 680 you deal over 150 damage in that second damage range, which is incredibly strong and super important in my opinion for getting consistent two shots. So the howar, unfortunately, just kind of falls flat in every way. There’s really nothing redeemable about it except for maybe the fire rate but it just feels clunky and the attachments don’t really work too well on it.

The infantry choke doesn’t really work, so I just avoid the hour and go with the model 680. If you want to know what the best class is, this is the one that I recommend because you’re not getting the most range possible, but you’re getting a really good 10 meter two-shot kill range with a little bit more mobility than that sport barrel.

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