Best Ways to Make Money on Runescape

by Dealon Brounx
Best Ways to Make Money on Runescape

Best Ways to Make Money on Runescape. There are many money making ways in the game. They will range from bossing to skilling. I’m only highlighting a certain few methods out there if you look. I won’t to explain you how to exactly do every method as that will take a very long time, especially for bossing. This is simply more of a glossary or ideas for you. Take the gp per hour rates with a grain of salt as the grand exchange prices are always changing.

The first method we’re going to talk about is my personal favorite and that’s the corrupted gauntlet. This solo money making method nets you around 5 million gp per hour and has a drop worth over 150 million. The requirements are very high to do this, but if you have them, I recommend doing this over pretty much any other money making method in the game.

The best solo bosses for making money in Runescape

Zulrah has been one of the best solo bosses for making money in Runescape for years. While it’s become less and less GP per hour over the years due to oversaturation, it will still net you around 2 million GP per hour only requiring relatively high stats.

The next boss for soloing money is Vorkath. Similar to Zulrah, this boss has been extremely popular and lost GP per hour over the years, but it’s still two to four million GP per hour. The reason for such a high range is that the money you make varies on what gear you use, with a blowpipe getting you around 2 million GP per hour and a dragon hunter lance getting you up to four. Vorkath has pretty high stats though, so you might want to do Zulrah instead, but if you have the stats, I would definitely do it before Catholic Zorra.

The next bossing method we’re going to be talking about is killing the Barros brothers. This has been a classic money-making method for a long time and is still good for medium-level accounts with medium-required stats. This boss nets you around 800k gp per hour and is very easy to zone out while doing it. This is especially made easier if you buy the lockpick from the grand exchange to help you go through the doors while killing the boss.

Runescape skilling methods to make money

Motherlode Mine Upper Level is also a good skilling method

The first method is the tried and true smelting of cannonballs. This only requires 35 smithing and is brain dead afk. This nets you around 259 kgp per hour and is perfect for alts or to afk if you’re doing something else.

One of the best skilling method is stringing Magic Longbows on top of providing great fletching xp. If you’re not 99 yet, this also nets you 283k GP per hour. It’s less afk than cannonballs as you have to bank more often, but it’s still a great afk money making method.

The next skilling method I’m going to talk about is cooking Raw Sharks. This nets you about kgp per hour but has a high cooking requirement of 80 but recommended 89 so you don’t burn them. This is very afk and is very good to train your cooking skills.

A Fishing method for money making is catching minnows. This provides decent fishing experience along with 270k gp per hour depending on your level. This requires level 82 fishing and a full angler outfit, but it’s pretty chill to do.

Another skilling method is hunting Black chinchompas. This gives good hunter xp alongside around 900 kgp per hour, but it’s major downside is that it’s only doable in the wilderness, so you will always run the risk of getting PK’d and losing all the chinchompas you’ve caught. High risk, high reward

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