Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
tame a polar bear in Minecraft

Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft? In this article, I want to talk about polar bears and minecraft. Basically, anything you need to know about them.

Where you can find a polar bear in Minecraft?

The first thing you have to understand about polar bears is basically where they spawn. There are six different biomes that they spawn in. So, snowy Tundra, frozen rivers, snowy mountains. So they have certain spawning conditions to where they spawn, so it has to be a light level of 7 or above. It has to be a group of up to 4. This basically means it can be like two adult polar bears and then one cub, or it can be two polar bears and two cubs. Basically, it has to be two adult polar bears. It also has to spawn on ice, it won’t spawn on blue ice or packed ice.

How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

Once, you’ve found the polar bear that you want to tame, you need to get a name tag. If you’ve not named the name tag yet, then you’re gon na need some xp and then and vowel now. You can find the name tags where the mob spawners are in the chests. You can also find them in the narrow castle in the chest there. If you need the name tag, they’re pretty common. If you’ve not named your name tag, put the anvil down and get your xp. Put the name tag in and just call it whatever you want to call the polar bear.

For example, you can call your polar bear Bob. Now once you’ve got the name tag, you just want to go up to the polar bear. You want to right click it if you’re on the computer. And what this means now that you’ve put the name tag on it is that the polar bear won’t actually despawn when you get far away from it. You can put him in like a lead and put him up on their friends post and then it won’t despawn and you can just have them in your vallejo or town or whatever you’ve got and if you put the lead on them, they’ll just come around with you and they won’t attack you and that’s pretty much the closest way to how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft.

Some interesting facts about polar bears.

Also, when you kill a polar bear, there’s a three-fourths chance that it’ll drop zero to two rocks, and there’s a parrot in this for some reason, and a 1/4 chance that olds drop 0 to 2 raw salmon. So a couple things about polar bears are that they can be neutral, passive or aggressive. So basically, the adults are usually neutral, the cubs are passive, but the adults become hostile if you get near their cubs.

Polar bears can’t be bred and you can’t speed up the growth of cubs. So, basically cubs are going to just stay as cups, so that was polar bears in Minecraft. They are basically atmospheric mobs, but it’s good to at least know what you can do with them or why you shouldn’t attack them.

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