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by Dealon Brounx
caria manor elden ring

One of the two legacy dungeons in Lyonia of the Lakes is Caria Manor. The Academy of Raya Lucaria, where you can meet Rennala Queen of the Full Moon, is the other. In this article, I want to give you the Elden Ring Caria Manor guide.

How to Get to Caria Manor in Elden Ring

You must ride from the road to the Manor Site of Grace in order to reach Caria Manor. Also, you must avoid the mysterious blue arrows that will fall from the sky on your journey to the Caria Manor. You will arrive at the manor and the Caria Manor gate Site of Grace if you are able to escape this bombardment.

Caria Manor Walkthrough

There isn’t much to do at the Caria Manor’s initial courtyard area after you enter. You don’t really need to travel over there unless you want to fight a lot of hand spiders. If you’re wanting to farm, it might be worthwhile going over there because they frequently drop some Somber Smithing Stone [2] upon defeat. To the left are some unimportant objects.

A room with a man you could beat up and the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (6) on a corpse is accessible to you if you turn to the right. There isn’t much else here, so just take the center path straightaway. If you have enough endurance, you should be able to outrun every hand spider if you race by a large fountain. Follow the trail until you come to this building, inside of which is a melancholy ghost. Touch the lower level Site of Grace at the Manor by ascending the steps within the church.

After that, go outdoors and stroll along the ramparts. Blue ghost troops will need to be defeated, although they shouldn’t be too difficult. You also need to be aware of the numerous little magical traps that are scattered across the area. Avoid stepping on those. They will detonate.

A location where you can acquire the Sword of Night and Flame is also located here. You will next reach a set of stairs leading to an elevator that will take you to the Site of Grace on the upper level of the Manor. There will be some strong wolves and a golden seed outside of this location. The Troll can be found there. The Troll has certain magical allies who can aid him. You will receive the Troll Knight’s Sword if you defeat this Troll.

How to Beat Royal Knight Loretta

royal knight loretta

Thus, you will ultimately arrive at a building where a corpse is covered in the Carian Ash of War. It’s vengeance time as well, as Royal Knight Loretta, who I’m pretty sure was the one who was launching those blue arrows, will stand at the front of a chamber with way too many chairs. This woman who rides horses employs a lot of magic. A huge arrow shot from a magical great bow as well as a number of other magical projectile assaults are included in this.

She will also ride up to you and attempt to hit you with her pole arm or swipe at you. Her mount will attempt to trample you. I would also advise wearing gear that has good magic defense, such as the carry and knight armor set that you might purchase in Reya Lucia. She is strong against magic strikes but weak to faith-based incantations. To knock this knight down, avoid her projectiles, sidestep her physical strikes, and assault her with all your might.

After her defeat, she’ll drop the Loretta’s Greatbow and the Ash of War: Loretta’s Slash. After this fight, you’re pretty much done with carrying a manor, although there is some more to do around this area. You can exit the manor through here to reach the three sister zone. To the right, you will find a scarab with the Frozen Armament.

Elden Ring Caria Manor Rewards

There’s some cool stuff you could find in a nearby graveyard to the left. If you go over here you’ll find a scarab with the Ash of War: Chilling Mist. Then you could drop down over here onto this building. Continue to drop down onto wooden platforms and eventually you will come across a ladder that goes down into a section above the manor church from before. Up here you’ll find Pidia, a lonely little servant who will sell you some good items like a Larval Tear, the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (7) and some other neat things.

There doesn’t seem to be a ladder you can kick down for easy access to the spot, so I’d recommend you try to clean out Pidia’s inventory so you don’t need to keep coming back here. There will also be a big old dragon skulking around here as well as three towers, although two of them will be blocked off by a magic seal only. Ranni’s Rise will be open. You can head in there, touch a sight of grace, and go up to meet Ranni The Witch, which should allow you to begin her lengthy questline.

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