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by Dealon Brounx
crescent isle lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of retrieving the soul of Crescent Isle in the Lost Ark here in this article.

Crescent Isle can be found to the west of Athens, and there is no need to make a reservation to visit there. On the eastern side of Vern, it is in close proximity to Port Krona.

How to Get Crescent Isle Soul in Lost Ark

After you have arrived at your destination and entered the island, the first thing you should do is begin hunting rabbits as soon as you can. Your objective in this area is to acquire sixty crystallized scales. It is a valuable loot item that can only be obtained by killing rabbits and then looting them. Also, remember to pick up the quest that is available in the west at the icon that looks like a pickaxe. The island token has nothing to do with the actual quest that you are on.

The quest requires you to kill three rabbits, which is something that can be accomplished in the next minute. The time required for this token ranges between twenty and thirty minutes. It all depends on whether or not you are alone on the island. Furthermore, it is dependent on your level of productivity as well as your good fortune. Once you have collected all sixty scales, you will need to report back to the individual who initially gave you the quest. After that, you barter with him to obtain the island token.

It can be summed up in a single sentence. Also, it is best to avoid coming here during the peak hours of your server. It is because it tends to become congested and contested during those times. Also, It is best to visit at this location when the server is going through its daily reset. People typically conduct their guardian raids at that time of day.

Lost Ark’s Crescent Isle Rabbits Hunting Tips

Because rabbits can respawn anywhere from every 30 seconds to every 8 minutes on this island, you shouldn’t camp in the same place. You need 60 scales to get an island token. It is not necessary for you to backtrack simply because someone else is present or has traveled there from the surrounding area. Carry on in your own unique way. It is my recommendation that the search skill’s default position on the gathering bar be set to W. Why? The reason for this is that there are times when the icon will appear before the rabbit does.

Therefore, if your character has better mobility, it will be easier for them to traverse around this island. It will make the task of hunting these rabbits a less laborious one. Additionally, I would advise against attempting this island with slow classes such as artillerist. Hunting is helpful because it increases the likelihood of finding rare materials and has a faster gathering rate than other activities. Also, it is not worth your time to venture into the caves because you won’t find any rabbits there.

Finding enough scales that have been crystallized could take some time, and to tell you the truth, this island is one of the least popular ones that players choose to explore.

Lost Ark’s Crescent Isle Mokoko Seeds

In addition, there are seven Mokoko seads that call this island home. The first two are guarded by a gate, and in order to access them, you must play the Forest Minuet song. The southern half of the map is where you should look for the second and third Mokoko Seeds. There is a secret route that is not depicted on the map that leads to this location. The next Mokoko seed is located in the north, and it is not hard to find it there. There are only two Mokoko seeds left, and they are concealed in a back room. To arrive here, you must first navigate to the location of the player icon. That should do it for how to acquire the soul of the Crescent Isle in Lost Ark.

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