Do you know how to dodge in Apex Legends?

by Dealon Brounx
how to dodge in Apex Legends

Do you know how to dodge in Apex Legends? In FPS games, it’s very important to actually strafe, so you’re not a target that is standing still, because if you’re standing still, then you’re pretty much a sitting duck and everyone doesn’t have to really aim to really hit you, but if you’re strafing left and right like you see on screen, this is going to be a much more difficult target to hit. So in the game, the biggest velocity that you can have is 173.5 velocity units.

How to dodge properly?

Counteracting of recoil is one of thing you have to do to dodge in Apex Legends

Now another important part and I’m going to bundle this in is the counteracting of recoil. So we look at the recoil of an r301 without a barrel stabilizer with a 2x. This pulls initially more to the right. If you are strafing to the left and to the right, this can help you counteract the recoil. The reason why this helps counter recoil is that you’ll notice as you’re strafing left and right you have to move your mouse to counteract where the strafe is.

So if you’re not controlling your mouse and you go to the left, then you have to move your mouse to the counter rack to keep it centered. You kind of see a little bit of a jitter just to keep it in the center there. Overall, if you’re adding in the recoil and you’re adjusting for it and you try to land all headshots, it’s much easier to control your recoil. So this is the significance of it, not only for making it more difficult to hit, but also for the implications that it has to counteract recoil by keeping your crosshair center, so it has an added benefit.

Impact of various is too

I also want to talk about the impact of various weapons on your strafe. So if you’re playing with the R-301, you’ll notice my movement velocity is 86.75. If you’re using the wingman, you’ll notice that the strafe is 173.5, which is the same as the hipfire. So these are very important to take note of when using various weapons. This can be very important because your strafe and if an enemy is trying to hit you, it’s going to have a much easier time if your velocity is much slower now.

How to dodge like a pro in Apex Legends?

How to do a pro strafe on Apex Legends What does that mean? It’s always that sweaty movement added from the left and right movement that you’re seeing and adding a crouch to your movement. Now I recommend using hold and the reason why I recommend using hold is because it naturally will spring back as soon as you lift up the key. It’s much harder to do if you do toggle because you have to constantly think about constantly pressing the key to toggle the crouch up and down up and down rather than just releasing the key and not having to think about it. mid-fight
The flatline The disadvantage is that when you use it, it can look really flashy, especially when you do this strafe left and right.

The flatline specifically for this example, is that when you’re using it, sometimes it can look really flashy. You know, especially whenever you’re doing this strafe left and right, you see, the downside of it is that you’re not actually completing the full animation, but there’s there is a pro to it.

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