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by Dealon Brounx
dreamgull island lost ark

In this article, I’m going to explain you how to finish off a Dreamgull island in Lost Ark so that it can be unlocked.

The island of Dreamgull can be found to the southwest of Arthetine. The completing of this island shouldn’t take too long as it’s not too difficult. It drops significant quantities of the materials that you need to improve your equipment. You will receive wonderful items like Harmony Shards and a Guardian Stone Fragment Chest in this reward. In addition to that, it give you a charming and charisma.

How to Get Dreamgull Island Soul in Lost Ark

You can complete this quest up to a certain point before you are required to have the Minuet song of the Forest. It is still worthwhile to complete this island to the point where you are unable to proceed even if you do not yet have the song. This is due to the fact that it provides so many simple and fast upgrading materials. You can earn the song Forest’s Minuet on Lullaby Island by completing a cooperative quest there a total of three times to receive the reward. However, in order to complete that quest, you will need to have a Song of Resonance, which can be purchased from the cruise ship Peyto for a total of 16500 pirate coins.

Seagull Sojourn Quest Guide

You will be able to complete the questline and obtain the island token for this location if you have the song. “Seagull Sojourn” is the name of the first quest you will undertake. The entire chain of quests for the materials, as well as the one for the island token, have essentially the same overarching concept. The only thing you’ll be doing is talking with a NPC named Eto and with the seagull, and moving around. The quests themselves are not overly complicated. You simply speak to NPCs, retrieve an item, and then bring it back to the NPC. The next step is to use the item on the seagull or any other mode to dance to a song. Because of how frequently you are forced to do this, completing the quest in its entirety will take you between twenty and twenty-five minutes of your time.

You will travel to the left side of the map as you complete this quest. At this point, you need to have a conversation with the seagull and then head back to Eto. Eto will tell you to get a first aid kit from the south of the island. So you will have to travel all the way there. When you have everything you need, make your way back to Eto and use the F6 button to use the medicine on the seagull. After you’ve had one last conversation with him, you should play the song “Forest of Minutes” for the seagull. After you have concluded your conversation with him, he will fly away from the edge of the cliff. Then finish the quest by having another conversation with Eto. You’ll have to repeat this process multiple times.

Lost Ark’s Dreamgull Island Mokoko Seeds

Additionally, there are three mokoko seads that can be found on this island. An obscure path can be found winding through the forest on the eastern side of the island. This is where you will find the first seed. In order to obtain the second seed, you will need to scale the large rock. I guess you didn’t overlook it. The last Mokoko seed can be found in the northern part of Dreamgull Island, close to the ledge. That brings us to the end.


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