Elden Ring: Bastard Sword Overview

by Dealon Brounx
elden ring bastard sword

The Bastard Sword in Elden Ring moves the same way as many other great swords by default and deals physical damage. It’s one of the lightest great swords in the Elden Ring, weighing nine, and requires some points in Strength and Dexterity in order to wield. Some pros of this weapon are that it can be acquired very early on in the game from the nomadic merchant.

It has a very low stat requirement and can be even two-handed with 11 strength. It can be outfitted with many different ashes of war and has good strength scaling when using heavy cold poison or blood infusions. Its cons are that it’s in the middle of the pack in nearly every scenario it’s good.

How good is Bastard Sword in Elden Ring

The bastard sword, which is not a bastard sword, can clearly be told that it is a two-handed long sword. Bastard swords are typically a hand and a half. So this one is a misnomer, but it is a cool looking weapon and because of how realistic it looks. It’s actually one of my favorite weapons in the game. If you look at the blade thickness, it’s actually pretty close to a realistic blade and the length isn’t terribleeither. Everything about it, proportionally, is quite good.

So I actually quite like this one, making it probably in my top three favorite looking great swords. It requires 16 for strength and 10 for dexterity. Attribute scaling is going to be c for strength and d for dexterity. So this one’s going to scale a little bit better with strength. Our attack power on the bastard sword is 744, so not bad. There are no passive effects, but this one can be upgraded using the ashes of war. So once again, you can have the stamp upward cut like the stock one. You can make it whatever you want as far as how to get this one goes.

How to get Bastard Sword in Elden Ring

As far as I know, there is only one place in the game where you can get it. So it’s one per play through unless you get someone to drop one for you. It’s going to be in the weeping peninsula over by the Castlemore and Ramparts Site of Grace. So there’s a nomadic merchant right here that you can talk to and you’ll be able to purchase it from him for 3 000 runes, so it’s a pretty simple and straightforward process of how to get this one.

Like I said, only one in one per play through unless you have a buddy or someone from the internet that’ll drop it to you. That is the bastard sword, which comes in the first one.

The biggest plus points of this weapon are that you can acquire it early on and it will perform in the upper middle of the pack no matter what build you try to create with it, giving it a lot of versatility. If you’ve already upgraded this weapon and are short on smithing stones, then I suggest continuing to use it, but if you’re working on a specialized build and haven’t even acquired one yet, I suggest looking at better alternatives.


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