Elden Ring: Gael Tunnel Guide

by Dealon Brounx
gael tunnel elden ring

In this article, I want to go over how to get through the Gael Tunnel in Elden Ring.

Gael Tunnel Walkthrough

So getting to these tunnels is not exactly easy. You need to basically try and ride up, but it doesn’t really work out that well, so you need to take the portal in the Swamp and then wrap all the way around to the Gael tunnel. From there, you’re going to head into the mine. You’re probably going to have to do some fighting, because soldiers will actually like blow the horn. If they blow the horn, everyone gets on you. So in this tunnel you will find a fork. You can proceed to the right, where you will undoubtedly obtain the items, particularly the ore.

Alexander in Gael Tunnel

If you’ve met Alexander, he will be on the other side of the door, so open that door and talk to him. Then, if you go through the big doors, you will fight a Magma Wyrm, which I find to be fairly difficult. I have not beaten this one yet, nor have I beat the other one that I’ve come across, so good luck if you intend to fight them. That’s how you get through the Gael Tunnel in Elden Ring. Also, here you can find the Moonveil katana. Yes, it can be obtained by slaying the Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel.

The Moonveil katana

The Moonveil katana is amazing. Even though it has the same moveset as the starting katana, the weapon skill transient moonlight is anything but ordinary and is very very useful.

If you were deciding on using the Moonveil katana or not, first things first, it scales heavily off of decks and intelligence, so if you’re going for a magic dexterity build, this weapon is perfect for you. Ashes of War in this game can be equipped onto many weapons, but you cannot equip it onto unique weapons, and the moonveel katana is one such weapon. Luckily for you, at least comparing it with the uchiga katana, it seems that the natural scaling of the moonveel katana, it seems that the moon

Luckily for us, the transient moonlight weapon skill is simply amazing. On the surface, it looks like a basic katana unsheathed ashes of war. However, when you press your attack button, whether it’s your normal light attack or your heavy charge attack, you will get two different slashes that produce a magical arc beam. The horizontal slash is the light version, and the charge version is the downward slash that sends a vertical beam. The vertical slash has a ton of stagger.


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