Elden Ring: Lake of Rot Guide

by Dealon Brounx
Elden Ring Lake of Rot

To get to the lake of Rot, you must first defeat Starcourage Radahn in the Caelid desert, then this breach will appear in the East Limgrave. Then, go through Nokron, Eternal City, Feeprot Depths, and Ainsel River Main to get to the Lake of Rot. In the Lake of Rot, Elden Ring location, you can find the Dragonkin Warrior.

How you can deal with the Lake of Rot’s Boss?

This is a completely optional boss, so you can just ignore this thing and move on. That’s not what I’m about, so I recommend fighting the boss on this platform. It is, in my opinion, the biggest one. It gives you the most opportunities. This is probably not the first dragonkin warrior that you’ve fought. I have probably fought a couple of these in the past. Don’t worry, you just have to worry about physical attacks. This thing is very strong. In fact that I thought that maybe you shouldn’t be in this area, but in my opinion, the boss is just overpowered.

So it’s just a very strong enemy that you’re going to have to deal with. It doesn’t have a lot of health, though it does go down fairly quickly. You just have to kind of whittle away. I will say the biggest tip I can give you is to use a faster weapon. I normally use a two-handed greatsword build. The speed at which I was swinging my greatsword was too slow, and the boss would constantly punish me. Basically, every single hit the boss would punish you, so just switched back over to a long sword. I think I had at plus 19 at the time, so just use a quicker weapon, that’s my advice. The boss has lots of thrashing attacks. The deadliest one of all is when he uses either his left or right hand to sort of like it back a little and then throws it at you.

Tactics for Defeating

Another really big tip I can give you, and this is really what solved the fight for me, is that whenever you need to reposition and get away from the boss, you should target the boss and then block while backing up. This allows you to avoid getting hit in the back, which is going to be the source of a lot of deaths in a game like this, so you have to be very careful.

Elden Ring: Lake of Rot map

You want to get as far away from the boss as possible. Sometimes he doesn’t do the earthquake. Having said that, he’s still a dragonkin warrior, so he can do a lot of things. I will mention that the boss can push you out of the arena, so if you, uh, I mean, you’re in the raw, chances are you’re doing this.

Elden Ring, Lake of Rot items

Anyway, make sure you have a couple of the balls that heal the scarlet rot. Uh, make sure you have a couple of those ready just in case the boss can push you out, and when that happens, it’s usually with a really big slam, and you’re going to basically build up an entire scarlet rot bar by the time you wake up, heal up, and then get rid of the scarlet rot. That’s it. That’s the fight. It is hard. It took me a little while. The biggest challenge is just getting to it with as many flasks as possible, but as long as you have balances, you should be okay.

This boss drops the Dragonscale blade, which was dropped by the stone digger troll in the demo, so this weapon was locked pretty far into the game. The Dragonscale blade is a very cool weapon, described as a weapon made by sharpening a gravel stone scale thought to be the source of ancient dragon immortality into an unclouded blade. But, sadly, the dragonkin soldiers never became immortal. Instead, they died as old, pale copies of their sky-dwelling relatives, which doesn’t sound very exciting.


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