End Gateway in Minecraft: Full Guide

by Dealon Brounx
End Gateway in Minecraft

If you’re wondering how to get an end gateway in Minecraft, this guide is going to explain how the end gateway is generated and how to use an end gateway.

How the End Gateway is generated

The End Gateway is generated near the edge of the main island. Each time the Ender Dragon is defeated, there can be a maximum of 20 End Gateways that can appear around the main island. At the end that are arranged in a circular fashion at y-level 75. Y, meaning the vertical position in the world after killing the Ender Dragon. After 20 gateways are generated, it does not generate any further gateways. The Ender Dragon can be respawned by placing an end crystal on each side of the exit portal on the main island. The crafting recipe for an end crystal is seven glasses, a gas tier, and an eye of ender. Once the end crystals are placed around the exit portal, it will reset the obsidian pillars. Also, it respawn the Ender Dragon, which you have to defeat.

What is the best way to defeat the Ender Dragon?

Ender Dragon in Minecraft
Ender Dragon is a massive soaring boss mob

The Ender Dragon has green hit boxes on it. At the very front of it, there are hit boxes for its head. If you can actually hit it right in its head, there is way more damage that is applied to the Ender Dragon when you hit it on its head’s hitbox. This gives you a really cool advantage to be able to hit that. Be aware if it has Dragon’s breath. The idea behind hitting the Ender Dragon in the head gives it more damage. The idea would be that there’s less protection for the dragon where its head is, whereas the rest of its body would have thick scales.

How to use an End Gateway

An End Gateway will be generated in the outer end regions after activating one on the main island. The End Gateway generated on the outer end islands will teleport the player back to the original end island. The end gateway will generate above y level 30 and always generate on a block of end stone. The way the gateway generates is that the first attempt is exactly 1024 blocks away from zero zero the x and z coordinates. If there is no spot at that range, something closer to the central island but greater than 512 blocks is attempted.

If this doesn’t work, then it attempts to reach a point that is greater than 1024 blocks away. Exit gateways are also generated randomly among the outer islands. These will teleport the player back to the original location of the original obsidian platform at the central island. The end gateway is composed of an end gateway block, which is the portal, and 12 bedrock blocks. There are magenta beams that shoot out vertically from the top and bottom when it is generated. The beam will disappear after 10 seconds.

The beam is emitted for 2 seconds. A player cannot directly enter an end gateway. The easiest way is to throw an ender pearl into the gateway. Other ways of entering the gateway is by appearing one block tall. This can be achieved by flying into the gateway using elytra. Also, by putting a water channel into the gateway and sprint swimming into the gateway. Then, by placing a trap door on a gateway while standing on a solid block to force the player to crawl into the gateway. Any entity that moves into the end gateway block is teleported into the end.

How to get End Gateway without Ender Pearls

Also, I want to give you a tip on how to get through the far-end portal or the End Gateway, whatever you want to call it, without having to use ender pearls. Well, that’s one way to do it, but to do this you must get two trapdoors and you can make those by putting six local planks or any kind of plank really in that order and you will get two trapdoors. They can be any kind of trapdoor. I wouldn’t recommend iron trapdoors though. It’s because those are more tedious and they require like a button or a pressure plate or whatever it may be. So you’re just gonna want to open it up and then step inside the block that it’s in and then close it. You’ll get squished and then you can do that from both sides.


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