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by Dealon Brounx
fantasm island lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of acquiring the token for the Fantasm island in Lost Ark here in this article.

To the north of Rohendel is where you’ll find Fantasm Island. In my opinion, not only is it one of the most beautiful islands in the game, but it’s also one of the islands that causes the most frustration. This is due to the fact that the island’s quest is rather lengthy. It requires you to complete a variety of pointless tasks. Also, it is of no use to follow the moving rafts in reverse. It is because it gives the impression that you are wasting time while you are waiting for the raft.

How to get Fantasm Island Soul in Lost Ark

Anyways, this island is one of the best islands to complete before reaching tier 2 due to the insane amount of gear upgrading materials for tier 1 you can get from the quests on this island. To get the actual thundersmile and token you need to raise the reputation of this island to level 2. That is, of course, done through do not ask daily quests. This island is one of the best islands to complete before reaching tier 2. It is because of the insane amount of gear upgrading materials for tier 1 you can get from the quests.

Poetry in Motion Quest

“Poetry in Motion” is the name given to the daily quest. If you are unable to access the daily quest, you can try completing the quest on this island instead and seeing if that helps. You will need a lats poetry book in order to complete the poetry motion daily quest. This book can be purchased in Luterra Castle from the general merchant named Aiter, who is located right over here. If you want to achieve the maximum reputation possible by completing these tasks every day, you will need 17 of each of these, making the total number 17. After that, you can simply put them away in your own personal storage to use at a later time.

Because you already own every book and you have a pet, you should consider making use of the remote storage capability that the pet possesses. You could save this location as a first location. Then at the beginning of each day, you would simply teleport right back here. Also, you should immediately return the quest after opening your pet storage, retrieving one book from it, and opening your pet storage again. You would be able to complete this routine task very quickly and without much difficulty if you did it this way.

Lost Ark Island Soul Mokoko Seeds

On this island, there are also four different locations where mokoko seed can be found. A song with resonance is required for two of them. On the western side of the island is where the first Mokoko seed was found. The northern region of the island is where the second Mokoko seed can be found. After obtaining the first seed, travel to the north to locate a concealed pathway. It will eventually bring you to a hidden room. This hidden room also contains the third Mokoko seed, which can be found inside. You will find a fireplace containing four mokoko seeds when you reach the top of the stairs. That brings us to the end how to acquire the token for the fantasm Island in the Lost Ark. If you found this article to be helpful in any way, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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