Fastest way to level up guns in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
level up guns in Warzone

Fastest way to level up guns in Warzone. I’d like to discuss how to get a max level weapon in 60 to 90 minutes. One of the first things you have to be aware of is how much xp you need. Normally, for modern warfare weapons, it’s about 115 000 xp. Meanwhile, with Cold War and Vanguard, regardless of the levels, it’s usually around 145 000 xp.

One of the most important parts is to make sure you have double weapon xp.

Regardless of whether it’s tokens or waiting for a double weapon xp to just make it as efficient as possible. Then determining which mode is going to make the most sense, we’ll talk about a couple different options. Personally, one of my favorite ways is to do Rebirth Island and complete as many contracts as possible.

You have to use the pointman perk, and for everyone that uses the pointman perk on your team, it’ll increase the multiplier. So you get more xp for completing contracts. What you’re going to want to do here is go ahead and grab this particular scav, and the scavs do not pay a lot, supply runs do not pay a lot, but you can do them fairly quickly. The contracts you’re going to want to look for because right here you can see it’s only 575 weapon xp. We’re completing this individual contract, and we come through. It’s only three times because I was the only one using point man. When I do this particular contract, which is the supply drop one, it’s the next contract, so you’re getting close to 1400, 1500 times in two, with the double weapon xp, it’s close to 3000.

So you could easily jump from level 1 to 16.

In my case, that’s what I did, and then from 16 to 36, I had a really monster game where I did like 15 or 16 contracts, a little bit of everything, and it just keeps adding up more and more of the multiplier, so when you do these ones here and complete this one, you end up with 1750 weapon xp just from doing one supply run.

I was the only one on my team focusing on contracts, and I did this with the party and with randoms because a lot of people say, “Well, I don’t have anyone like you just have to play a little differently.” Also, I was able to do 15 contracts in a party, which is super efficient if everyone knew what they were doing. Yes, I probably could have done 18 to 20 if everyone was doing contracts and everyone was rocking point man, but when I did it with randoms, I was able to

I ended up just from contracts, not from any of the kills I got.

It is because I did get kills with the weapon in the pre-game lobby in the match, but I ended up with 17 000 weapon xp. Time that by two, and that’s 35 000 xp in a single match of Rebirth Island, which lasts approximately 11 or 12 minutes, and you only need to do that five times, so that is under an hour.

If you’re super efficient and every match runs smoothly, even if you’re sub-optimal and you’re only doing half that pace, you should be able to max level gun if you’re fairly efficient, so there’s a huge range there and I’m sure people can be even more efficient than what I was able to do within these individual matches where you’re getting contracts done and you’re getting 2 000, which is 4 000 xp.

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