Foggy Ridge Guide In Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark foggy ridge

In this article, I want to give you Foggy Ridge Guide in Lost Ark. Also, I’m going to explain you how to make Una’s tasks in this location. I’ll also give you a tutorial on Foggy Ridge Guardian Quest.

There are three Una’s tasks here. task was to investigate the west Foggy Ridge and the other the east foggy ridge. None of the dailies give any honor leap stones and I recommend that you do this on your own.

So basically, what Foggy Ridge is basically, is that you have to go to a certain area and investigate it and then you go back to northern. Now what I recommend is to have a Bifrost in Foggy Ridge. If it’s on the east side, put your Foggy Ridge by frost on the east side. If you can’t do it, you don’t really need to have to. You could be burning a bit of time anywhere anyways.

If you do have your song returned, I would highly recommend putting it on north Vern. You should probably put it on northern anyway, given the fact that northern connects to the heart of most of the continents by the ocean liner. Now for this quest. This quest can take up to like five minutes.

Foggy Ridge Questline

There’is a quest line you can do that teaches you all about the different guardian raids and it rewards you with a heap of gold vitality potions, courage points, and battle items.

You’re gonna need to kill each of these guardians one by one. So it’s best to do this maybe on an alt who’s currently going through the leveling process. Also, you can do it on a high level character that’s over geared for it. So you can just go back and very quickly kill these bosses.

The first part of this quest line isn’t actually hidden at all. You’re going to come by it naturally when doing your story missions in North Vern. You’ll get a roster quest from Avell which is called “Find the Guardian”. This is the introductory quest to guardian raids, and it’ll ask you to go and kill Ernil, the first guardian raid. Once that’s complete, just do your story missions until you meet Anabel at the adventurers guild. She’ll give you a quest called “Runaway Investigator” which tasks you with going and finding a guardian investigator.

So, what about Foggy Ridge part of this quest? The investigator is at Foggy Ridge Island, which is right here on the map. Once you hear the quest is very self-explanatory. Just follow the markers and talk to the characters. You’ll eventually team up with the guardian investigator here and she’ll task you with going and defeating Lumares.

So, itt tells you in the quest description that you need to team up with a group of other adventurers to take down Lumares together, but you can actually just do this solo. I personally recommend doing it solo. Especially if you’re far above the recommended gear score for the Guardian raid, since doing it solo actually lowers the boss’s maximum health and makes your life a whole lot easier.

The whole process took me exactly ten minutes, because it’s very visually appealing to do so. This process is probably going to take way less than ten minutes after you’re finished taking down Lumaris just head back to Foggy Ridge and you can end the quest.

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