Fortnite hide and seek codes

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite hide and seek codes

This article is about the best hide-and-seek maps in Fortnite’s creative mode. I looked up more than 100 map codes in total and these are the best ones. In this list, you’ll find huge castle hide-and-seek maps, modern mansion maps, futuristic and old-school design city maps, and much more.

Harry Potter World Map

The first map is the Harry Potter castle hide-and-seek map. Code:3239-9536-0815. So, it’s a beautiful map from the Harry Potter world. All you have to do is bring between 4 and 16 people and divide into two teams. One team is the “seekers,” and the other is the “hiding” team. If the “seekers” don’t find all the “hiding” players in 5 minutes, they lose, and if the “hiding” team doesn’t find all the “seekers,” they lose. This map is very big and has a lot of cool places to hide and a huge world to explore.

Modern Mansion Map

Then without said going over to the second map on the list which is a modern mansion hide and seek map. Code:3579-8565-4824. This entire map is one huge mother mansion, where you can hide in more than 50 different rooms. Each room is designed in its unique way. Not only that, but players will be able to discover secret tunnels, many hidden rooms and much more.

Underwater Kingdom Map

The third map on the list is a hide-and-seek map, that takes place under water. Code:1112-0791-3110. So, here’s a really cool map, that makes you feel like you’re in an underwater kingdom. Each player has about 120 seconds to hide and then the fun can begin. Like all of my maps, this one has cool places to hide. Those who are looking for other players can find cool weapons and tools to help them do so.

Medieval Castle Map

The next map, which is the only hide-and-seek map of a medieval castle. Code:7035-0784-9606. So, the backstory is that the villagers have to hide, because they don’t want to pay taxes. Now, the black knight has to find them all and throw them in jail. If you want to play this hidden sick minigame in this castle, don’t forget to have fun.

Bowling Alley Map

The next map is a Bowling Alley, where you look for props. Code:0004-9045-2256. So, I couldn’t make an article without at least one dedicated map for the other hide-and-seek game mode. It is called the prop hunt. Like in any other map, all players switch between the two teams. Players who are hiding can turn into any object they want. This makes the seeker’s job much harder and more challenging, so if this sounds like fun, try it out and have fun!

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