Fortnite horror map codes

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite horror map codes

In this article, I’ll tell you about the best horror maps in Chapter 3 of Fortnite’s Creative Mode. I looked up more than 100 mob codes in total and these 8 maps are the creepiest and scariest. In this list, you’ll find a horrifying murder mystery map, and in another map. You’ll have to go through an evil clown’s maze where dark monsters will haunt you. In a few other maps, you’ll have to hide and escape from dark caves, many houses and more.

A dead clown’s escape the maze map is the first map on the list.

Code:3558-5321-0273. So, the backstory is that you were kidnapped by a clown who wants to scare you to death. Now, you’re in an imaginary horror park where you can play different mini games that unlock different parts of the maze. The more puzzle pieces you find, the better you’ll be able to find the right path to escape the maze and other things like that. On top of all that, this is no ordinary maze, because all the walls are mazes.

The next map on the list is a Chinese horror adventure map.

Code:0887-0268-5651. So, the scary horror map became so popular and scary, that an English version of it was made. Here it is. In general, you can play this map by yourself or with other people. The goal is to go through different horror levels and in each one you have to run away from monsters. In another level, you have to look for hidden items and password clues to get to the next part of the map.

The third map on the list is a scary hide-and-seek map in the haunted horror basement. Code:4750-3377-4554. This horror map is made for up to 8 or even 16 players. In the game, one or two players are chosen to be the hunters and the rest of the players have 60 seconds to try to run and hide. The basement is very dark and scary. Every few seconds, new parts of the basement will open up and doors will close on their own. Other shadow creatures will also come out of the walls to scare the hiding players. If you think this sounds like fun, check out this map and don’t forget to have fun.

So, let’s take a closer look at the next map, which is the only nightmare horror map for a single player.

Code:0444-2689-6036. So, you’re a police officer who has to look into weird and scary stories that people in the area have told you. The more you look for clues and investigate, the more horrifying and dark secrets you’ll find. So, if you’re ready to wake up in a dark, small room where you’re haunted. The only way out is to figure out what’s wrong with this place, then check out this map and good luck.

The next map is the one with the dark monster tunnels. Code:8744-0234-8108. So, here’s a co-op horror map where you and your friends are filming yourselves going through some old abundant silver tunnels. Something very dangerous and creepy is hiding in the dark. Will you find what has been haunting the missing people? Will you and your friends make it out of this tunnel alive?

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