Fortnite Reaper Pickaxe

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite Reaper Pickaxe

Fortnite Reaper Pickaxe is a blue rarity pickaxe that everyone wanted before it came out last year, so everyone went crazy. Now, obviously, it’s not like og or rare anymore, which means that it’s 99.9, even 100 percent certain that this reaper pickaxe will be returning for everyone.

History of reaper pickaxe in Fornite

The fact that it has been in the Halloween episodes of the most recent two seasons suggests that it is highly likely that we will be able to observe the reappearance of this pickaxe. I have no idea how many of you even have this pickaxe in your possession. Let me know in the comments below whether you even have it or not, but it is very apparent and everyone knows that this pickaxe will obviously be back for everyone to purchase, and I hope that you are even excited about that fact. Let me know if you even have it.

Obviously, it’s just the pickaxe. It’s not like an OG edit style, it’s literally simple. One of the reasons why everybody liked it was because of the sound. I even have other Halloween pickaxes, such as the Merriman pickaxe, which was similar to Halloween but not quite. So I believe since the reaper pickaxe is a blue rarity, it will cost 500-800 v-buks like every single cosmetic, so that would be pretty sick!

Why the Reaper Pickaxe is so good?

There is one primary reason why the reaper pickaxe is one hundred and fifty times superior to the minty pickaxe. The sound of the Fortnite Reaper Pickaxe is just so graceful to the ears. At the very least it’s better than what the minty pickaxe has, because the minty pickaxe just has the same sound as the default. One of the things that everyone like about the reaper pickaxe is that it makes probably one of the cleanest sounds in Fortnite. Same ching ching sound, but for real though the sound of the reaper pickaxe is just so graceful to the ears.

I’m not really sure why Fortnite does this, but they’ve even done it to the minty pickaxe . The reason this actually bothers me is because when I use a pickaxe, I want to have the most fun possible, like actually farming, because you all know that farming is probably the least fun thing to do in Fortnite, so when you have a pickaxe that makes a sound that is fun, wacky, or is just entertaining in general, This is the type of pickaxe everyone likes to use.

For example, The pickaxe is used by default. I know it’s cool and everything, but the sound is just not it. The reaper pickaxe has a sound that is incredibly calming to the atmosphere, and a bunch of other pickaxes are pretty amazing as well. That’s it for the aim. To tell you the truth, I’m not particularly familiar with any other pickaxes.

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