Fortnite: Who are The Seven?

by Dealon Brounx
The Seven

We don’t really know who the seven are to this day. We only know that they are very important to the story of Fortnite. I’m willing to say that, besides Deontay, they are the most important people in the game. So far, we know for sure who four of them are. It looks like the seven know more than we do. In fact, they know more about time travel, rifts, the zero point, and the islands. You pay close attention to the foundation in the zero crisis event. He called you a looper and told you to get that loop already. There isn’t much time left. We are learning more and more about the seven and what they want to do. I’m going to talk about what each of them is after and how they fit into the story.

For this, we need to go back to the summer of 2018.

The Visitor was a mysterious space traveler from a world or dimension no one knew about. He was found in a small spaceship that looked like a capsule inside a meteor. Was he stuck there or did he want to be there to begin with? The Visitor did something amazing over time. He worked on a rocket. The launch happened in front of millions of people at a live event. This can be proven by what she says. No one knows where she stands. Is she with the good people or with the bad people? The real question, though, is why Singularity and Paradigm look so much alike.

Six seasons had passed by the time season x came around. We met The Scientist, a new member of the seven, in the summer of 2019. He got to the island the same way The Visitor did, in a capsule inside a meteor that was frozen in time above the island. It was literally frozen in time just before the crash. Like The Visitor, The Scientists built a rocket, but this time it was for a completely different reason: they used it to place six rift beacons around the map, which opened six different rifts in the sky. During this time, we could listen to all of the tapes and figure out what they said. We were told about the loop, which is the idea that you, me, and everything else on the island are all trapped there with us.

If they are right, that will be the end of everything.

The Foundation helps us figure out who this could be or gives us some clues. When he was fighting Jonty, The Foundation told him to talk about the sisters. The most logical explanation is that Geno is the last and final member of the seven. But what if Geno is not a person but a place? Yes, Geno could be a new place, a new kind of food, or a new island. No matter what, the loop must be stopped. The loop is definitely something that needs to be stopped, and that’s what they’re trying to do with the device. The foundation talked about this before Midas‘s death, so it’s clear that they’re trying to do this. So what is it that keeps a loop going? How strong is it? Is it the number 0? If it’s The Storm, that would change everything!

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