Fortnite: How to tame a boar and wolf

by Dealon Brounx
Tame a boar and wolf

Tame a boar and wolf

I’m really enjoying season seven, let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying it as well. I didn’t get into season six as much as I am already getting into season seven. Today we’re talking about tame a boar and wolf. The quickest way to do it, the best location to do it, and how you actually do it in season seven!

So, you want to head down to the Corny Complex!

Apples are why you have to travel all the way to that Corny Complex in the first place. This is the best location to acquire a large quantity of apples. Even though there aren’t many people actually landing here during this season, there are boars spawning in the surrounding area. First, let’s get our apples, and then we’ll head over to the area that’s kind of on the western side of the corny complex. It’s likely that heading in a northwesterly direction is the best option.

In addition, there are wolves and wild boars to be found in this area. There is also the matter of the wolves, which is something that we need to attend to. However, in order to subdue the wild boar, all we have to do is place some apples in front of him. Its very own boar will start to move in your direction. If you are playing on a Playstation, the button to interact with is shaped like a square; however, any button you assign to the interact slot can be used to successfully tame the boar. In season seven, this is how it can be accomplished. This year, I’ve looked everywhere, and I think that’s the best place I’ve found to get it.

The area where the track is located on the northern side of the Corny Complex is going to be your next destination.

This location is sometimes referred to as the lawnmower or grass cutting area. You can also find the wolves that spawn in this area by traveling to this location. They can appear anywhere in this area, but the majority of the time I find them in this particular region.

What steps do you need to take in order to bring a pack of wolves under control?

You have to get rid of one of them or save some of the meat, if you already have some. You have the option of throwing two or three down to ensure that they are heading in your direction. The process of taming takes a little bit of time, as is to be expected, so if you have more than two or three pieces of meat, it is recommended that you do it in this manner.

You will be able to tame the wolf once you have placed some meat in front of it and given it some time to eat it. Just be careful. When you are attempting to domesticate one of the wolves, the other wolves won’t bite you if there are a lot of other wolves in the area. Be careful not to get bitten while you’re doing it, and work as safely as you can. If you do this multiple times throughout the season, you will earn the 60,000 xp necessary to complete this achievement. As usual, there are five levels, and the opportunity to tame animals grants 12,000 experience points at each level. You will have earned 60,000 experience points once you have completed this task 200 times.

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