Fortnite: How to tame a boar and wolf

by Dealon Brounx
Tame a boar and wolf

Tame a boar and wolf

I’m really enjoying season seven, let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying it as well. I didn’t get into season six as much as I am already getting into season seven. Today we’re talking about tame a boar and wolf. The quickest way to do it, the best location to do it, and how you actually do it in season seven!

Corny complex

So, we’re gonna head down to corny complex! The reason why we’re going to the corny complex – to get apples. This is the best place to get lots of apples. Of course, not many people actually land here this season, but boars are spawning around this area. So, we’re going to grab our apples, then head over kind of the west side of the corny complex. Probably, the northwest is the best way to go. And this is where you’ll find boars and also wolves. The wolves are also something that we need to do as well. But to tame the boar we’re just going to throw some apples in front of the boar. Itself the boar will make its way towards you. If you’re on the Playstation, you use a square to interact, but anything you use for your interact button that will actually work to tame the boar. That’s how you can do it in season seven. That’s the best location to get it, that I’ve found in this season.

So, next, we’re going to head over towards the kind of lawnmower or grass cutting area, where the track is on the north side of the corny complex. This is where you’ll find the wolves that spawn there as well. They do spawn anywhere around, but this area is where I find the most. What do you need to do for the actual wolves and taming them? You need to eliminate one or hold meat if you’ve already got some meat. You can throw two or three down to make sure, that they’re coming towards you. Obviously, the taming part does take a little bit of time, so if you’ve got two or three meat, it will be better if you do it that way. Once you’ve thrown meats down in front of the wolf, you’ll be able to tame that wolf, just be careful. If there are lots of other wolves around, they don’t bite you while you’re trying to tame one of them! Make sure you do it as safely as possible without getting bitten. this will get you your 60 000 xp, if you do this multiple times over the season. There are five levels as always and 12 000 xp available at each level to tame animals. So, if you do this 200 times you’re gonna get your 60 000 xp!

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