Games like Among Us

by Dealon Brounx
Games like Among Us

In this article, I want to talk about top games like Among Us!

Metacritic score – 85

In this game, it’s basically a group of people that are up in space. You have crewmates and you have impostors and postures. Try to kill all the crewmates and the crewmates, try to point out and find out who the impostors. Then the crewmates will vote and the impostors will also vote on, who they think the imposter is. The imposters got to try to stay alive and the crewmates have to kick the imposters out into space.

So, the crewmates have to run around and try to complete all of their tasks and the impostors have to fake doing tasks and blend in while trying to kill the crewmates. If you’re in a crewmate and you die you become a ghost. Then, the ghost can fly around and still complete all of its tasks and try to help the team win! The impostors win, when there’s only one crewmate left and the crewmates win when there’s no imposters left or if the crewmates complete all of their tasks.

So, this game’s kind of like a mix from Murder Deceit and Town of Salem. Also, this game is a mobile game and a pc game. The imposter can also open his imposter map. It lets you lock doors, turn off the light,s overheat the reactor core or do a bunch of different things. The imposters can also go into vents or holes to pop out of different areas and the crewmates can see you popping out.

There’s only three maps for this game. So, the maps can be kind of repetitive. They get more repetitive, because there is no map voting system. You have to either create a game or find a game with that map checked. So, while you’re on that server, it will never switch maps. If you want to play on a different map, you have to leave the server or disband your server.

There is customization and skins in this game. It all depends on what kind of version you have of this game. It’s because there are multiple versions. If you have the free mobile version, then there will be ads and you’ll have less skins to choose. If you have the Steam version, you will have all the hats and all the skins. There’s also a pet dlc, that you can buy. You’re also able to create your own server, which people can join. You can make it private or public and then you can change the rules. You can make the players increased speed or vision or quiсker kill time.

Overall, this game is pretty fun! I’d recommend it, but i would really only recommend it, if you have a group of friends to play with. That’s when the game is at its most fun! If you play with randoms, sometimes, you get those random people ,that just make you absolutely hate a game. Also, it’s very cheap, so you can’t really go wrong.

Project Winter

Metacritic score – 75

Project Winter is a cooperative survival game made by Other Ocean Group. This game takes place in the mountains and the game centers around a group of people stranded in these mountains. Most of them are survivors and their goal is to complete certain tasks by collecting items to fix buildings and ultimately call for a rescue transport. They have many obstacles in their path, such as semi frequent and global events. They are meant to hinder them, such as turning every character into the same player model, in order to help the traitors.

Also, there are blizzards, which kill people faster, than usual with cold. This leads into the second enemy which is nature. Nature prevents people from going too far away from the habitat. Another thing nature has is actual predators, which will attack you. On the flip side, there are traitors. These people are few in number, with two out of the eight players making up this group. Their goal is to kill the most survivors, possible without dying. They go about this by sabotaging survivor objectives or straight-up killing them.

The traitors are at a severe numbers disadvantage, so they have access to crates. These crates are used, as a crutch, by traitors. Survivors go about sabotaging these objectives by getting traitor points, that they receive from opening crates. These crates are visible to all players and located around the map, but they are only available to be opened by the traitor. They make a loud noise when opened, so you have to be careful, when opening one.

Also, you need to mess up your tracks, because in the snow people can follow you to see where you were going. Also, no matter how aggressive a traitor. They will always need to make a final stand, in order to try to stop the survivors. After braving the elements and helping each other, they must face off and try to kill each other.

For those, who play it, Project Winter is one of their favorite games. If the game was more prominent and more prominent influencers played itm the game would be a Steam favorite. It is still a solid game with a bright future ahead of it and it was well worth 20 bucks for that it goes on Steam. If you look for games like Among us, this one is for you!

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is an online multiplayer horror game, placed in the same universe as Hello Neighbor. Where you and five other players are trying to unlock the neighbours basement. You look around the house finding key cards to gain access to more section of the house and keys used to unlock the basement. One of you is secretly the neighbour. The neighbour wins, if he catches all the kids before they unlock and run into the basement. Also, if the timer runs out.

I really like the art style. From the cartoon look, to the creepy neighbours giant chin. Lots of thought has gone into interacting with objects and the different things you can do around the house. Like, put a chair in front of a door. Hide in the closet and peep through the keyhole. The tension and paranoia, that builds up, as the game goes on, sowing distrust among your friends every round you play.

The game uses an in-game chat system, that works on proximity. So, you won’t be able to hear someone scream, if they’re on the other side of the house. This adds to the tension and can be a great tool for the neighbour, picking you off one by one. However, I have had some issues with the server’s, being busy at times. Secret Neighbor is best played with 4 – 6 friends. Also, you do have the option to play with 2 players. Don’t have 4 – 6 friends? Then, you can make use of the random matchmaking, but it just ends up being a free for all, with no team work.

So, it’s really best played with friends. You can pick from 6 characters with different abilities to aid you. Also, you can also pick from 2 neighbours, with different abilities. It’s a shame, you can’t mix and match these abilities. There is a shop in the game, where you can buy cosmetics, using the coins you gather each round or real money for more detailed cosmetics. coins for this costume. Which brings me on to my next point.

The lifespan of the game. As I said, I’ve been playing for almost a month, and it’s been great fun. But I can’t see it keeping me invested for long. Unless the developers add more content. There are currently only two maps, which is just the house with different layouts. There is supposed to be a map editor coming soon, but we’ll have to wait and see what it’s like.

Town Of Salem

Town of Salem is one hundred percent free, it’s browser based and anyone can play it. All have specific roles and each role does a different thing. Like jailer, for instance you at night, can take someone into the jail, question them and execute them. So, each role kind of has their own just signified skill, that they can do at night or during the daytime.

You’re in the town of Salem and each day you have to discuss with the townspeople to find out who is the Mafia and who is the serial killer. Every night, when you go to sleep, the serial killer will kill someone or the Mafia will kill someone. So, you really have the incentive to find the Mafia or the serial killer before you die. So, you end up talking to the people in chat and you try to find out who it is.

This game would be similar to the board game Clue, because it’s a mystery game. It’s also strategy! If you are the Mafia or the serial killer, you have to strategize into framing someone else. You don’t know anyone’s role, you just have to guess who these people are.

If you play with your friends, this game is a lot more entertaining. It’s just point and click pretty much. It’s all about strategy and that’s what I like, because we don’t see too many strategy games, coming out these days. i’m glad, i found this game! You really don’t have to download anything. All you have to do is create a free account and there’s nothing really pay to win in the game.

You can only download skins and put them on your character. For those, who play it, Project Winter is one of their favorite games. If the game was more prominent and more prominent influencers played itm the game would be a Steam favorite. It is still a solid game with a bright future ahead of it and it was well worth 20 bucks for that it goes on Steam. If you look for games like Among us, this one is for you!

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

In Suspects: Mystery Mansion – you and nine other players are tasked with solving a recent murder. There will be killers in the group, looking to stop the investigation. The game is split into a series of rounds, where tasks to investigate and killers hunting for their praise, without being spotted. Then, a round of votes.

I like the visual art style of the game and the voice chat feature is useful. Also, it would really be great if rooms can have a language choice. The game is not yet released globally and there is no official release date yet. You can play the soft launch, if you’re in Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Turkey. Otherwise, pre-registration is available in other regions. If you know more games like Among us, comment down below.

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