Games like Genshin Impact

by Dealon Brounx
Games like Genshin Impact

This game changed what free to play games could be today. I wanted to take a closer look at it in 2022! It’s been around a year, since it launched and it just added 2.3. So, I want to talk about why I think Genshin Impact is still worth getting into. The first thing is the game makes its money off gems to get characters and a battle pass. These are not required to have fun, so don’t feel pressured to buy them.

The world is another reason, you might want to jump in. The world is huge and expansive. There’s always something to explore! There are also bosses, you can fight. The game focuses on a brother or sister, depends on who you choose. They gets separated and want to find each other. The characters are also really cool, they each have their own backstory and personalities. You get characters by summoning with primo gems. You can get these by buying or playing the game.

Also, there are four star and five star characters you , that you can get and play. They’re also five-star weapons and artifacts. Artifacts are essentially buffs to your character, that can make them stronger. There’s also something called Resin, which you spend to get artifacts, but it recharges daily. So, just think of a mobile energy system.

No money is required, but you can recharge with the gems. The game is constantly evolving with new events, weapons, characters and sometimes new areas to explore. Is it worth getting into? Yes! There are a few flaws. You can get burnt out on content, you just tried rushing through. Getting a five five-star character or weapon can be rough, but don’t feel tempted to spend the money. So, I want to talk about top games like Genshin Impact.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 an MMORPG, that released in September 30th 2010.
FF14’s core gameplay is very standard. It’s just a typical gear centric hotkey. Like WoW or the Old Republic, except with Auto attacking. This can sometimes be like staring at a weight bar. Gameplay consists of going to your local guild, picking up a guild lead or some other type of leave. Then, going to a camp, killing some monsters and that’s it. There’s no variety, unless you fancy yourself.

The engine itself looks very nice. There are dynamic shadows, dynamic weather, day-night cycles. Lighting across the map looks brilliant! Molds and textures are brilliant. Characters look great. The soundtrack was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who you’d pretty much known from all the best Fairy Fencer games.

The developers decided to go with some real strange voice and text hybrid for all the dialogue. Unlike in other games, where there’s all of either. The voice is only used for important parts of conversations. The biggest problem with this game, that it relies almost entirely on it barely any shops. It will always be the in worthless, when you pick your class and job at the start of the game. You have to be very careful. It is based on random chance.

I have a strong bias for this game. Only paid fourteen dollars for it on and I wasn’t expecting much. I was very surprised at how good I thought it really. I also don’t like most MMOs at all. The gameplay style of MMOs is extremely weakened, hasn’t evolved ever since its inception. So, why do I like Final Fantasy 14? It was so cheap, it has this otherworldly charm about it. A charm very few games can profess. For those, who play it, Project Winter is one of their favorite games. If the game was more prominent and more prominent influencers played itm the game would be a Steam favorite. It is still a solid game with a bright future ahead of it and it was well worth 20 bucks for that it goes on Steam. If you look for games like Genshin Impact, this one is for you!


Warframe has been out for a very long time. It looks and feels entirely different from when it came out. Almost, all areas of this game getting massive overhauls, during the game’s lifespan. So, what it has become now in 2022? Maybe you haven’t tried it before and are looking into it? Maybe you’re looking at returning to the game?

The very base of Warframe is still the same in generic terms. Warframe is a PVE, third-person looter shooter with a heavy focus on grind and upping your arsenal. With new weapons and characters, this has always been the same the road you take to get there. Over the years, the newer player experience has been completely revamped.

The tutorial missions are greatly improved. Most players will be a great introduction to the world of Warframe. The game has an incredible amount of information, that you slowly need to learn. It’s not always the most obvious thing. So, depending on what you like in games ,this can either be a strength or a weakness. It has tons of interactions, between gear mods and endless potential for different builds. If you just want a super casual game, it is not for you. I commonly get people, talking about how they have no idea where to start or what to do. However, this lack of information does breed a sort of community , where everyone is out trying to help each other.

There are a lot of things to grind, collect and farm as well. You can expect a very large amount of content for you. Hundreds of different missions and tons of unique frames. Hundreds of weapons, each able to be upgraded in lots of different ways. You got boss fights and quest lines, that are replayable. Also, there’s a small dedicated PVP community. Honestly, you’re willing to try things out and see what you enjoy. There is so much content in this game, that you’re almost guaranteed to find something, that you enjoy and thrive in.

Warframe is an incredible game! The bonus is that Warframe is free. You lose nothing by giving it a shot. how if you try it and don’t like it you can literally just delete it and move on you’ve lost nothing but if you try it and like it you might just find that you have finally found a new favorite game for the coming months or even years i can tell you i’ve been playing for seven years now and my original thoughts when i first saw the game were hey it’s free why not give it a shot for a couple of hours with a super dedicated and friendly community

You can always find people to help you or become mates with there are tools discords and sites. It has tons of great creators, making constant content of new builds to try or explaining how things work. In my opinion, it has the greatest storyline and awesome graphics, that i’ve seen in the game. It is a little bit similar to the other games like Genshin Impact.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open world adventure game, developed by Ubisoft. You play us Phoenix – a mortal, who goes on an Epic adventure in a beautiful land of ancient mythological characters and creatures. So, what is the game like to play? Well, you have to create your character, but once more we’re given a subpar creation tool with very limited options. After this, you have to endure the standard two hour Ubisoft tutorial prologue. Once this section is out the way, you’re free to explore a vast and expansive open world.

It’s got some similarities to the Assassin’s Creed model, but with more emphasis on over-the-top moves and slapstick. You have a variety of weapons to use, from melee to ranged bows. You can dodge attack in mid-air and generally it’s a free-flowing and satisfying affair. The other core gameplay feature are the puzzles and challenges spread throughout the lands. From sliding square puzzles, bow challenges, time trials and many more most.

It’s one of the most beautiful and vibrant game worlds, i’ve ever explored. It’s a diverse geographical area with high peaks, hidden caves, vast oceans and all sorts of interesting stuff. Also, you have the ability to use your wings. Stamina is another factor here. No more of this endless climbing in Assassin’s Creed style! Here you have to use your energy, but in time you can level up that stamina. So, that you can prolong flights or climbing.

The music is of a high standard and drifts in and out, depending on what’s happening on screen at the time. The narration can get quite irritating though. The voice acting is very over the top and silly more like a cartoon, but i guess it does suit the style. It is similar to the other games like Genshin Impact. The open world is vast colorful and full of things to do. Combat is fast, responsive and smooth. The leveling system is simple and effective. The game has a decent sense of humor and it’s a very playable game for long sessions. It’s pretty good value for money with lots of side activities to keep you busy daily quests. Also, i’d say, if you’re not into puzzle solving, then you might struggle staying with the game.

It’s kind of like Assassin’s Creed for kids with a bit of like hack and slash Genshin Impact thrown. In stylistically, i’d probably recommend checking out Genshin Impact first. There’s quite a lot of similarities between these two games, but i’d say Phoenix Rising is probably more action heavy and more combat orientated. Overall, Phoenix Rising it was a fun game, i enjoyed it! So, I would definitely recommend it. If you look for games like Genshin Impact, this one is for you!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is exactly what Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise needs right now. It harkens back to the freedom and wonder! The game thrusting you into huge world with only a minimal amount of direction. Once you get past a short introductory sequence, you can pretty much go anywhere though. You’ll quickly learn, that you’ll need better equipment to take on more powerful enemies.

Breath of the Wild feels more like a full-fledged RPG. You can equip Link with clothing and armor as well as weapons, including swords, axes, spears and bows. Those weapons won’t last forever though. They’ll break down over time, which forces you to keep collecting new arms and becoming proficient with different weapon types.

Rverything about the game feels like a big step forward. The combat system is similar to other 3d Zelda titles, but there’s also a new parry system. It’s deflecting enemies and attacking their weak points. You also have access to runes, that lead do things like move magnetic items, throw bombs and stop time. They naturally play a big role in the game’s puzzles, but some of them are also helpful during combat.

You have to figure out where to go and how to accomplish your various objectives. While that might sound tiresome, it never really gets old in many ways. It feels like modern open-world RPGs, like Skyrim or The Witcher 3. You’ll also have to watch out for your stamina meter. It limits how long you do things like running, climbing and swimming.

it’s also gorgeous with a vibrant and colorful art style. I particularly enjoyed the weather and lighting effects, like the shadows and orange hue. There’s also a wide variety of environments to explore, including sandy, beaches and snow-capped mountains. No matter where you are, the game often makes you feel like a small part of a massive world.

Breath of the Wild is an ideal launch title for the Nintendo Switch, since it proves, that system can power good-looking games. The game is also headed to the Wii U. It’s a tempting buy, if you own that system and don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon. If you’ve ignored recent Zelda games, it’s worth taking a close look at Breath of the Wild. Breath of the wild isn’t just a great Zelda entry. It’s a reminder of what a great Nintendo game can be. If you know more games like Genshin Impact, comment down below.

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