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Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight on Steam –

Metacritic score – 87

Hollow Knight is a very good game. It takes everything about what makes a Metroidvania game good and wraps it up into a present. This is a game designed for you, because it entices you to do so many collectibles and extra mini bosses and encounters. Hollow Knight is a blast to play, the platforming is precise and challenging. The combat is simple, yet smooth and the exploration is fleshed out and full of hidden goodies. That’s not even including how nice this game looks or the interesting. You’re delving into of the many characters and personalities, you’ll come across.

gameplay focuses

The gameplay focuses around exploring parts of the map. Until you fight a boss and get in your ability, that will unlock more of the map and keep doing. So, until you make your way to the final boss, Hollow Knight progression of abilities and events is paced well. The exploration urges you to find that new ability and to search every nook and cranny of the map, for any extra hidden secrets or bonuses. The combat in Hollow Knight is simple, but effective, much like the Castlevania, Metroidvania games. It doesn’t flood you with a bunch of combos and other abilities, like far more combat oriented platformers, such as Dead Cells. This game is more of an emphasis on the maneuverability of a character and having tight and challenging platforming. There are multiple areas, full of winding obstacles and other pointy boots, that you’ll have to dip and dash around. Its really tight and precise as well. I like the map system as well. I think it looked quite nice and I thought having to obtain a map for each area was fair. This game is a dream for people, who’d like to 100% video games and the game encourages you to do. it’s a good length – it’s not too short to be disappointing. The best things, that Hollow Knight does is set a really interesting and immersive atmosphere from the gloomy visuals and environments. That the haunting music, that softly hums in the background!

Hollow Knight is a game, that I would wholeheartedly recommend whether you like platformers or action games. It’s nothing, that ruins the experience of this game. This game does a great job at having both engaging gameplay and an immersive atmosphere, between the challenging platforming and boss fights – the beautiful visuals and music. It’s a really well-made game on both a technical and visual level. I would definitely recommend purchasing this game, it’s relatively cheap and is a great experience!

So, let’s go ahead and find the best games like Hollow Knight!

1. Ori and the Blind Forest

Metacritic score – 90

Ori and the Blind Forest reminds me of why I fell in love with games. I’m sick to death of every critic for every game ever saying, that the game they’re reviewing is a visual masterpiece. Let’s face the facts, every modern game looks stunning in one way or another, but Ori is stunning in its own way. The art direction is both charming and menacing, when it needs to be. This type of visual style won’t age much, like Rayman Legends. It is more unique and memorable to me, than something like Fargo or Hollow Knight for sure. The biggest surprise is that this game is a surprisingly emotional and well-written story. Every single character has a realistic and understandable motivation.

Ori is possibly one of the most nuanced and satisfying 2d platformers, I’ve ever played. It’s a lot of running around and jumping, until you find a new ability that makes running around and jumping much more entertaining. One of the most intelligent things about the design of this game is how each areas has you jumping through portals and teleporting around the place, like Chell from Portal. Before you even have a chance to get bored of it, they put you in the next area where you have to swim underwater or hold a glowing orb, that lets you defy gravitythe Controls require a pinpoint accuracy, as you’d expect from any good 2d platformer. It don’t have any bugs or problems at all. There’s absolutely nothing terrible or broken about it just a couple of minor almost unrecognizable jokes here.

Just look at it, every single frame is a painting. I very much doubt that any game is going to be able to beat this out. This is Moon Studios first game as well, so all I can do is congratulate the entire team for their obvious passion and hard work. I’m sure their best work is still yet to come!

2. Dead Cells 2017

Metacritic score – 89

Dead Cells is a game, about speed, patience, exploration punishing, difficulty and a little bit of luck. It clearly inspired by the likes of Castlevania and Dark Souls. The premise of Dead Cells is quite simple. You play as a guy and your goal is to navigate, the elaborate winding dungeons, that you’re trapped. Killing enemies along the way, collecting gold and amassing power via the acquisition of blue orbs, called dead cells.

The combat of Dead Cells is not complex. Instead opting to be heavily customizable, you have two weapon slots, which can be equipped with any of the three weapon types. Melee, ranged, shield and two skill slots, which follow the same logic. There’s items, that you can throw. Traps, that you can place abilities to power you up and so on. With over a dozen melee and ranged weapons and over a dozen skills, there are thousands of combinations of weapons and skills. The player only has three stats, that they can upgrade during the game. Health, weapon damage and skill damage and cooldown. You upgrade these stats by finding or buying upgrades throughout the game. These upgrades raise the step by one number and act as a multiplier to health and damage.

You’ll be punished for severely, if you fail. However, death is abundant in Dead Cells. When I died late into a run of Dead Cells it wasn’t the fact, that I would have to traverse the whole game once again to make it back. I would have to entirely rebuild my arsenal and upgrade my stats and that my ability to do. I still enjoyed my time with Dead Cells and what little time with other rogue-like. I can definitely see myself returning to Dead Cells!

3. Guacamelee!

Metacritic score – 88

Guacamelee! is a platforming game, where you play as a Mexican, which is pretty unique. The only other two I can think of just off the top of my head are Rey Mysterio and Bandicoot. In this game, there is a lot of a melee combat and of course a lot of platforming. What really takes over the game in terms of difficulty and something, you probably wouldn’t expect from a game like this is puzzles. There’s a lot of puzzle elements in this game. These are mainly related to platforming, like trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B in the environment.

At first glance, it seems and plays like a simple flash game. I mean something, you can just play on your browser, but the game is pretty complex. There’s a lot of different moves, there’s a lot of different environments and of course you have to keep up with the map. The map can be a giant maze! The story’s wacky in the game and doesn’t take itself too seriously. What’s really great about the combat in the game. It is satisfying to mow down the enemies and you really do sometimes mow down the enemy’s a lot of times. Just like a dozen bad guys appear on screen and you just run through them, like scissors through paper. Just completely destroy them.

This is where the puzzle element, where you have to figure out how to defeat the tough enemies. There’s something nice about playing 2d platforming games. It is not just when you’re playing a 2d platforming game, that’s really fun to play. It’s also a time machine, it takes us back in time to our childhood to the 90s, when we play classic 2d platforming games, like Sonic and Mario. We weren’t expecting real life graphics, we were just expecting some fun and that’s what this game is. It’s nice relaxing laid-back fun.

4. Cuphead 2017

Metacritic score – 88

Cuphead is an experience full of exciting highs, depressing lows and enough depths to make you question your skill as a gamer. Cuphead holds a very simple story, that anyone of all ages wouldn’t have any trouble following. You follow Cuphead and Mugman, who sell their souls to the devil, after gambling at his casino. The devil, then gives him 24 hours to collect the souls of his previous debtors, who escaped. It’s evident, that the focus is not on story here, which is perfectly understandable. I have hopes, that in the possible future entries, the story will be expanded upon.

One key thing, that makes cuphead special is the huge variety of bosses. The entire game essentially consists of boss fights with a few run and gun levels, scattered throughout. Each boss you fight is entirely unique. You have to learn, how they are going to try and attack you, as they shift through their different phases. This means that there is a lot of trial and error. It’s designed for you, to die over and over again. so that you learn how to approach that particular boss fight. The run and gun levels are a great addition, that help break up the game. They also offer the chance to get more in-game currency. These levels are also extremely difficult and will have you dying endlessly, but they fit perfectly within the game’s format. There are also three mausoleum levels, which involve you parrying off ghosts. The hub can be used to buy weapons or charms. Aiming in the game difficult, sometimes and these weapons were the easiest to handle. It’s so difficult to not only jump dash and shoot at the same time.

Cuphead is divided into four different areas, which helps players know how far they are progressing through the game. The main story will take you around 10 hours to complete. For completionists, this will take you around 22 hours. On surface level you would think that around 4 hours would be the right amount of time to finish. The fact that you die hundreds of times and have to retry everything piles on the time. There is no doubt, that Cuphead is a game, that delivers on all fronts the gameplay, offers you extremely challenging boss fights and levels, that consistently keep you engaged. It is something, that will never be forgotten and captures a feeling of nostalgia, that enhances your experience. The story may not be the most in-depth thing in the world, but it’s something that can be easily followed.

5. Shovel Knight

Metacritic score – 85

Shovel Knight is an action platformer, that platoon the shoes of the eponymous hero. As he goes on a quest to rescue his longtime friend Shield Knight. As the name would suggest the main characters a knight, that wheel to shovel as a weapon. Shovel knight heavily borrows elements from various classic NES titles, such as the Mega Man series, Castlevania and DuckTales. Despite this, the game creates that an entirely unique experience, without feeling like it was simply designed to emulate a retro design. The blue burrower has two ways to attack with a shovel. As one might expect, you can simply walk up to a target and smack them, but you can also Pogo on their heads in the same status DuckTales.

Early on, you also get access to items known as relics, which require magic points to use. These are basically a series of sub weapons, each with a unique role within the game. While some are elementary in design, like the flare wand, which shoots at a ball of fire in front of you. Others, like the dust knuckles, allow you to punch through dirt blogs and reach inaccessible locations. As one might expect wielding a shovel, also allows you to dig of berries piles of rocks, found throughout the game, which will contain gold. Gold is used as the game’s currency and can be used to purchase relics, health mana and shovel upgrades as well. As new armors, each main stage is themed around its boss – similar to the classic Mega Man titles. Spectre Knights level will have you traversing a haunted graveyard, while Propeller knight’s is center round a massive airship. Rach level is designed completely differently, with its own mechanics.

Throughout the game, you’ll find a large cast of unique and sometimes hilarious characters, like a frog with really bad puns. A knife, that boasts about how many maiden Xia saved and the man preaching about the Truffle King – a half trout, half apple deity. These personalities help to create a diverse and interesting world for Shovel Knight. After completing the game you will be given the option to move to New Game+. As in most games with this feature, new game+ allows you to play through the game from the start with all of your equipment, from your first run. On top of this, all damage you take is doubled and there are much less checkpoints to be found throughout levels. Everything else is identical! This motive would have been much more enjoyable, if enemy placement was altered to make the experience more difficult and it really feels like a missed opportunity.

Shovel Knight is an awesome game and is a must for any fan of 2d platformers. It will bring back memories and create new ones, as an instant classic. The game is highly replayable and has free updates on the way most importantly it is just tons of fun. So, don’t miss out on this masterpiece!

If you know of any such similar games like Hollow Knight then comment below!

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