Games like Skyrim

by Dealon Brounx
Games like Skyrim

The best games like Skyrim!

Metacritic score – 94

Skyrim – the highly anticipated sequel to Oblivion – the epitome of sandbox RPGs. RPGs are unlikely will always be my favorite genre for gaming. So, for me, Skyrim is the holy grail of video games, that the fanboys were praising. In this article, I want to talk about top Games like Skyrim!

The Elder Scrolls 5 takes place roughly 200 years following the events, that took place in Oblivion. You will find yourself in the heavily Nordic culture, influenced war-torn land of Skyrim, in the middle of a civil war. The game opens with you a nameless prisoner heading towards an imperial town to be executed. As you head to the chopping block, a dragon bursts into town, disrupting the executions. It allowing you to escape from here. After that, it’s revealed that you’re a Dovahkiin or dragon born a spirit. You set from the gods to kill dragons with the ability to absorb their powers and slay them with magical shouts.

Skyrim offers several races to choose from each with unique perks. You can pretty much build your character. Experience is earned from completing quests and killing monsters, which can then be allocated into health mana or stamina. Also, it unlocked points, that can be distributed into an expansive series of character development trees. I actually really enjoyed this development scheme, as it offers good replayability.

Why should you try it?

It is an exquisite world. It is very empowering, then you are finding dungeons and secret locations on your own, without being told to go there. In fact, you don’t have to complete the main storyline at all. The potential for adventure is unlimited, especially on the PC with the mods. The world is so expansive, I didn’t really find there to be a wide variety of enemies to fight. Most of the monsters, I encountered, were various forms of undead and they rarely presented much of a challenge.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of technical problems as well. Finding the right graphical settings is expected, when you’re playing on a PC. I also found, that interface to be garbage. It relies heavily on unnecessary scrolling and didn’t properly use the screen real estate. In the end, it made inventory management a pain. So, this will be the top of the best games like Skyrim!

The Witcher 3

Metacritic score – 93

The Witcher 3 takes the best parts of story based Rpgs and action based Rpgs and gives birth to an incredible open world adventure. It’s overwhelming in a good way! You can take on the main quest, go on a side quest, take on a winter contract or just go out script and run into the world. You’ll bump into loads of optional content, no matter which path you take.

In this game are all balanced and give the gameplay variety. The enemies in the game feel fresh. There are some more hardcore tweaks, you can use. You can adding oils to your weapon and glyphs to improve signs, which are very helpful. All the main characters bring something to the table and the main story is an amazing. It’s hard to find any poorly written sections in this game. The side quests bring a bunch of value to the experience. The contracts allow you to take on a boss fight. Each quest has its own identity even and it sticks to the true RPG structure.

Why should you try it?

If the main quest and side quests aren’t enough to satisfy you, there’s also two expansions to play. Well, the first expansion Hearts of stone gives you eight hours of gameplay. It’s a nice distraction, as the game puts you in a date setting. You get a chance to just unwind, which is nice from the chaos of the Witcher universe. The second expansion feels like a full sequel. Blood and Wine lets you explore a whole new land separate from the main quest. The second expansion is one of the greatest pieces of downloadable content, I have ever played. The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece and it’s one of the greatest role playing games of all time. Hopefully, developers can learn something from this and use it to better gaming for the future! If you look for games like Skyrim, this one is for you!

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Metacritic score – 93

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an awesome game. After playing it, I do love it. Divinity evokes the feeling of dnd, by making you an active collaborator in the experience. You’ll mostly be doing a lot of dnd type stuff. Talking to weird people and animals, discovering stuff in the open world and engaging in turn-based strategic scrapping.

The basic plot is just not that important, the smaller moments, mysteries and general tone is what really matters here. For example, there is an awful lot of nasty stuff going: slavery, war, genocide, all sorts. It never feels like set dressing. The game meaningfully considers those themes, making them tangible.

I recommend using the pre-built characters. They already feel like they’re woven into the world. The decisions you make in action and dialogue do have a significant impact on the plot. More impressive are the initial questions. Divinity is packed with funny dialogue, notes, descriptions, names. An entire fantasy sitcom scenario is the reason of exploration. every party has enough tools in their bag of tricks to make most problems to a choice. You can choose to sneak, lock, pick, talk or smash away through most of the game’s problems.

Why is this game like Skyrim?

It has nice balance of freedom and consequences. There’s like a multi-leveled pyramid of strategic considerations. So, the first layer is positioning certain characters, closer or further away from the enemies. The environment and elevation force you to manage this on a pretty constant basis. The next layer is enemy priority. You can’t focus one enemy at a time in this game, because physical damage only damages physical armor. Magic damage only damages magic armor and your party should probably do both.

The next layer is standalone ability effects, like knocking an enemy down or turning them into a chicken. So, the final layer is interactive abilities, that affect one another. For example, poison clouds exploding onto contact with fire or water. all of this results in a brilliant combat system, that is very tactical and challenging. Also, it really responsive to your creativity. Thats all! If you know more games like Skyrim, comment down below.

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