Games like Until Dawn

by Dealon Brounx
Games like Until Dawn

Metacritic score – 79

I’ve always been a big fan of survival horror genre, that can have story and fright all wrapped into one. Until Dawn joins this crowd, but it has one significant difference, that makes it stand apart. It has almost no gameplay as you typically understand it. This game is more of an interactive movie. If you’ve played a game like Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls, it’s sort of along that vein.

We are playing as eight friends trapped up in a nice cabin in the woods, but there’s just one problem. An evil serial killer slowly hunting you down one by one. What you do affects who lives and who dies and can greatly change the ending. Although, the story was good again and again. I didn’t feel like I was truly interacting with the game itself, since all it took was a slight flick of the joystick or a tap of the X button to get out of most situations. Also, I never really felt panicked, even when I’d really trapped in a dire situation. So, I didn’t feel truly afraid, because I didn’t really fear the deaths. This game has made me realize, that part of the horror of survival horror is the fear of death being low health.

This game does by far the best though something, that so many games have tried to do lately. It is actually made me care about the characters. Each person really looks alive. They look apprehensive in all the scariest situations and you can’t help, but reflect and feel like you’re right there. Like you are in the closet hiding with them. The story itself had so many twists and turns, you never knew what was going to happen next. So, if you’re looking for some cool action and some great scares, well, you may want to look elsewhere. An interesting tale can’t quite save what at its heart is very lackluster gameplay. This is one you may want to snag after a price drop.

So, let’s go ahead and find the best games like Until Dawn!

Alan Wake Remastered (2021)

Metacritic score – 79

We’re playing as this famous author, who’s got some very terrible writer’s block in an effort to try and just get away from the big city. He wants to clear his head and finish the last few chapters of his latest book. He goes with his wife to this quiet town called Bright Falls. On the surface, this place is perfection! It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, until things take a very bad turn for the worst. After reaching Bright Falls, suddenly, something is unleashed a darkness. That manages to just completely swallow the entire cabin, your wife and seemingly you. You wake up a week later and now everything is gone just extremely bad. It is similar to the other games like Until Dawn.

Somehow, the monsters from your own book have managed to spring forth from the pages and take some literal form. Now, as Alan Wake, you have to try and fight and survive beating the back, destroying these creatures and hopefully finding your wife. The thing, that makes this game just such a timeless masterpiece, is it manages to constantly make you feel so freaking trapped.

I want to talk more about the improvements of this, because here is truly where the game shines the most. It’s important to note, that this is more than just a graphical update. They upgraded character models. When you started to explore this town and talk to other characters, the faces are cleaner. The character models definitely work and act and move a lot better in general.

This is the greatest version of Alan Wake and i am very pleased that it now exists. This game has always been in my top favorite games of all time and it’s still gonna stay there. In fact, this is now an even more timeless reason to love Alan Wake! It’s so close to the lined of exactly what a horror game is supposed to be. It feels like a great homage and tribute to so many horror classics. If you look for games like Until Dawn, this one for you!

House of Ashes

Metacritic score – 74

It’s a another one of those super massive games and it’s the third in the anthology. this is the third one follow on from Little Hope and Man of Medan. This game is more or less a series of quick time events. There’s a little bit of movement and looking around. They do add a little bit of bits, where you’ve got to aim and shoot, but they’re very very small. Also, there’s a lot of decision making in your conversations with people, which then affect the outcome of the game later on.

So, it starts off in the past historical. It’s set in Iraq and maybe the first hour or so was a little bit too much movie. Later, you come back to present day and the main focus of the stories is a group of soldiers and the dynamics around these group of soldiers. They go on a mission and the mission is to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So, while looking for these weapons of mass destruction they end up basically underground in an old tomb. Soldiers encounter these creatures, which start attacking and killing one and that’s where the horror element of the game comes through.

When the gamestarts to unfold and you’ve got the all the same sort of collectibles, that you did in the other Dark Picture anthology games. For example, you pick up the cuneiform tablets and they give you a little bit of a blast to something that might happen in the future. It is depending on the decisions you make. That part is very similar to all the other games, it’s a really good story. So later on, it does get better. It gets a lot more intriguing, as the story progresses. So, I would probably give it a 9. It is still a solid game, it’s a great game! They are reasonably priced, they’re not full price software, so definitely worth picking up. If you look for games like Until Dawn, this one for you!

Detroit: Become Human

Metacritic score – 78

The Quantic Dream games hold a special place in my heart because it’s like a movie with beautiful animated characters and amazing graphics. Detroit takes place in 2038, where humans combine androids to help them clean the house, babysit their children or do a lot of otter jobs. You take control over three characters. One of them – Connor is an advanced android, who starts to see what is going on with a lot of other androids, that are going rogue, disobeying their masters or the humans and even killing them. You’ll make during the 10 hour long campaign as well.

Also, thanks to the very well realized characters. You begin to care about and you don’t want to let down. It is because, in Detroit you also got these relationship levels comparable to a Telltale games. For example, where your choices not only impact the outcome, but also what other people think of you. That totally means, that not everyone will be your friend in the end. If they do like the choices you make, new possibilities will unlock. They might give their life for you or you can further deepen your relationship. Sadly, this system goes hand in hand with some of the big flaws. For example, that it’s too easy and it also takes away the mystery, that was present in the previous Quantic Dream games.

I always loved the fact about the Quantic Dream games, that it was not sure about how the story could have gone. The overall story and set pieces you will find are varied. There are some awesome twists to the android situation. I felt, that the endings were not satisfying. Something was missing, it felt rushed in many ways with short cutscenes, that would show failures or accomplishments with no words set at all. It will leave you like okay this was it I guess. It’s like, the developers had to rush the ending to ship the game on time.

Yes, the story is awesome, but I expected a little more satisfying endings, like the different endings. It all leads you to the same moments. If you don’t expect a revolution in terms of gameplay, they will find an awesome game, that has very well weighted characters and interesting worlds. It will make you think, what if this is our future. If you look for games like Until Dawn, this one for you!

Heavy Rain

Metacritic score – 78

I don’t even want to call it a game, because it’s not a game. It’s an interactive movie and it is similar to the other games like Until Dawn. It’s a some people have called it a series of quick time events. Quick time events usually as something, that piss off gamers. You want to be doing the action, controlling everything, not just pressing X. So, it’s an interactive movie. This story can branch out in different ways and the choices you make. You play as four different characters throughout the game, following each of they’re sort of separate storylines. Yo want to try and find the identity of the origami killer – a serial killer.

So, you wonder from from place to place, you get numerous choices given to you. You can do things in certain orders and resolve a situation in many different ways, depending on the choices you make. It’s very well-written, but there are some plot holes. You get sort of tied up in the story very easily! The only problem is the dialogue is poorly written. Also, a lot of people have criticized the voice acting as well. In this game you get tied up with these characters. You start to care for them and you start to sort of panic, when decisions come upon.

So, the whole game is controlled by on-screen prompts. You have to move the right joystick in a certain pattern to do this thing or you press this button to think about this thing. You’ll save this line or approach your situation in a compassionate way or an aggressive way. So, the way your choices and thought are all on-screen prompts and while that works the control system works really well. You’re responsible for how you react in different situations and it gets emotionally intense. So, there’s a decent amount of replay value. You can probably go through it four times and have it unfold four completely different ways. The game looks beautiful! It’s rendered lovely and the environments just have a real atmosphere and feeling to them. If you look for games like Until Dawn, this one is for you!

The Walking Dead: The Game

Metacritic score – 89

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead and this was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. You play as Lee Everett – a history professor at a university, who’s on his way to jail for murdering the man he found sleeping with his wife due to zombies running all over the place. Lee is able to escape from custody when he runs into a young girl named Clementine. Her parents were on a trip and her babysitter turned into a zombie. In the end, the story is about a struggle for the human race to survive.

The Walking Dead is largely a story based game. It is similar to the other games like Until Dawn. It’s five episodes took me about 12 hours to complete or roughly two to three hours each. Your choices throughout each episode affect how the remainder of the games gonna play out for you in pretty significant ways.

Sometimes, you’ll be forced to decide to save one person and let another die and whom you choose to save will be the one that continues on with you. This alone gives the game a bit of replayability, but that’s not what’s important. The significant choices, that Lee makes along the way, made me feel like I was a part of the game. What would I do in this situation, how would I deal with these people, do I tell the truth or lie to the group. Do I put Clementine in danger to keep her close to me or do stay behind and potentially be eaten by the zombies.

The game plays out more like an interactive TV show, than a video game. The mechanics are largely story and cutscene based and that. You probably only interact about 50% of the time, when you’re in control of lead. The game is a standard telltale point-and-click adventure game with basic problem and puzzle solving elements, quicktime sequences are mixed in during the intense action moments. Then you’ll get to use guns and melee weapons to beat the crap out of zombies. Unlike some other Telltale games, you can actually die in the Walking Dead. The game will reload itself right away from the last autosave. So, this powerful and emotional story could bring tears to the eyes of even the manliest of gamers. If you haven’t played The Walking Dead yet, you really need to check it out. If you look for games like Until Dawn, this one is for you!

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