How to play with friends in Genshin Impact?

by Dealon Brounx
play with friends in Genshin Impact

How to play with friends in Genshin Impact? Although Genshin Impact focuses on its single-player narrative, past a certain point, you may find that exploring and questing by yourself is a little bit tedious. Luckily enough, when that point arrives, you’ll unlock the ability to invite your friends into your game. If you want to get your friends into your game, here’s what you can do!

How to unlock co-op mode in Genshin Impact?

In-game, you’ll need to level up your adventure rank to ar-16 in order to unlock co-op mode. The fastest way to level up your adventure rank in Genshin Impact is to focus on the main quest until you hit adventure rank 7 while exploring, finding chests and activating waypoints along the way. Once you hit level 7, you’ll receive your adventure handbook from Katheryne, in front of the adventurer’s guild and Mondstadt. From here, you can do chapter reward tasks and hunt enemies alongside quests and side quests to reach level 8, when you can unlock ley lines.

They provide a respectable amount of adventure experience each assignment in addition to a sizable extra reward for completing all of the tasks. You’ll quickly rise through the ranks. Thanks to the chapter prizes, as well as the daily commissions and ley lines you receive from quests. The game will immediately inform you that the mode has been unlocked as soon as you touch the rank 16.

Adding friends in Genshin Impact

To begin, you’ll need to add friends and have them add you in the game using your UID number. This can be found in the game menu underneath your character icon. Once you’ve got your friend’s UID numbers, open your game menu and select co-op mode. From here, you’ll see a list of currently active players. You can search for your friends using the search bar in the co-op menu. If they’re currently online, you can simply request to join their world. It should be noted that while playing in another player’s world as a guest in co-op mode, you won’t be able to claim any animalcules or g-oculus that you’ve encountered or opened any chests.

Minerals, experience, and various drops are still available from the various foes. Your decisions regarding your party and characters will be distributed among the players who are currently present. Therefore, if there is just one player, you and that player can switch between two different characters at any time during the game. However, if there are three persons playing the game, only the host is allowed to do so. If there are four of you playing, each of you will only be able to control a single character. Using the party menu, you can take a break from the action by switching characters.

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