Genshin Impact: Yanfei Guide

by Dealon Brounx
Genshin Impact: Yanfei

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Yanfei, who is one of the best 4 star DPS units in Genshin Impact. She is very scary. Yanfei is a pyro catalyst user who has been a popular dps pick since her release in patch 1.5. As time has gone on, she’s seen a lot of new playstyles, team synergies, and builds come into her meta.

Yanfei kit examination

Yanfei does have a few mechanical tricks in her bag that let her show off her skills in a fun and rewarding way. Also, Yanfei has a three-hit combination. Shoots fireballs that have a really long range, and every time one of these fireballs hits an enemy, she gets one scarlet seal before C6. She can only hold up to three scarlet seals at once. When Yanfei does a charged attack, all of these scarlet seals will be used up. Depending on how many seals are used up, the charged attack will be stronger. Each seal you use lowers the amount of stamina you need to use that charge attack by 15% and increases its damage by a large amount.

Yanfay’s play style is defined by this little passive that comes with her normal skill. She is a main damage dealer whose main attack is a charge attack. She does best when you use combos and animations to land powerful charge attacks on enemies in a row. Please keep in mind, though, that because she has so much attack focus, you will still need to be careful with your stamina, even though she has passives that help you save it. If you’re good at canceling jumps, this isn’t as big of a deal.

Yanfei Elemetall skill

Yanfei has a simple elemental skill that lets her summon an area-of-effect pyro explosion on nearby enemies. This explosion does a decent amount of damage and gives Yanfei the maximum number of scarlet seals she can hold at once, so you can quickly sneak in a second fully charged attack. So, for example, after a fully empowered charge attack, you can now just cast her skill on an enemy and get another fully empowered charge attack in about half a second.

Yanfei’s burst makes her act like a steam engine for about 15 seconds. When she uses her ability, she will immediately send out an area-of-effect pyro explosion from where she is. Every second for the next 15 seconds, or until she leaves the field or dies, she will make a scarlet seal on its own. During this time, her charge attack damage is increased by a percentage that goes up as you level up the talent. Yanfei’s burst is incredibly useful because it lets her quickly and constantly max out her scarlet seals. This lets her do a lot more powerful charged attacks.

Yanfei Elemetall charge atack

If you can’t think of a better way to say it, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find you can do charge attacks almost as fast as Hu Tao and with the same power. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but for Yanfei’s first ascension passive, it’s still fast. It basically makes that camera so that for every scarlet seal she uses up before a charge attack, she gets a 5% increase in pyro damage. This way of getting a bonus to pyro damage will last for up to six seconds.

She can’t really use reactions for most of her normal attacks. If you spend too much time doing normal attacks for an occasional big charge attack, you’ll do a lot less damage than if you grab around two scarlet seals and then focus on landing more small charged attacks. The main reason for this is that her charge attacks don’t have internal cooldowns. So you can spam them with reactions like vaporize to make the most of her time on the field. Also, when you weave in her burst with her skill, you’ll get more scarlet heels than usual. You’ll be able to use your 3 or 4 scarlet seals a lot more often anyway. So, in general, you should use two normal attacks and then a charged attack, which will usually do the most damage.

Yanfei Constellations

In terms of her stars, Yanfei is a god in Genshin Impact. It’s strange that her constellations make her go from being a character who isn’t bad at all to a four-star character at C1. Also, her stamina won’t have any trouble keeping up with her bursts of fast-paced play.

Best weapons for Yanfei in Genshin Impact

She actually has a lot of choices, and most of them just depend on which team you put her on. First, four-piece crimson is flames’ best set because it gives her the most consistent damage output when she’s used in reaction-based teams. The two-piece effect gives Yanfey a 15 percent increase in pyro damage, which is a nice boost for her whole kit’s damage output. The four-piece effect goes even further, increasing the damage of all pyro-related reactions except for swirl and crystallize.

It also gives a 50% increase to the pyro bonus of the two-piece set for 10 seconds each time you use the yan phase elemental skill. This increase can stack up to three times, so to explain how it affects Yanfey, let’s say that after casting her skill three times, this set gives Anfei a 37.5 pyro damage bonus on top of the percent damage increase to her pyro reactions, and it’s pretty easy to keep up.

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