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by Dealon Brounx
gesbroy island lost ark

In this article I’m going to explain how to get the Gesbroy Island soul in Lost Ark.

You can find the Gesbroy Island east of Yorn. The island is constantly accessible. Every hour, you can participate in the cooperative request series that takes place on this island. So, to find out when you should arrive here, check the alarm clock at the top left of your screen.

How to Get Lost Ark’s Gesbroy Island Soul

The Gesbroy Island soul is the final reward for completing this island’s Una’s task daily quest and earning the maximum reputation. You must deliver picnic baskets to the chef in order to complete this daily quest. For taking part in the hourly series of cooperative quests, you will receive one of these picnic baskets. You receive five picnic baskets for each of the three different quests. You must return 15 of these baskets to complete the final part of the daily quest.

This island’s nice feature is that you can take part in these quests several times throughout the day. If you have some extra time, you can farm those picnic baskets in advance and then simply return them right away the following day when it becomes available. Getting guests for each island soul will take you 20 days because you can only complete the daily quest once per day.

There are also rather simple yellow quests on this island that reward you with one variation of the beer outfit, Pirate Coins, High Seas Coin Chest, and various other goodies. Yes, you can also get the Pirate Coins. If you want to know where you can farm them, check out this article!

Lost Ark’s Gesbroy Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are nine mokoko seeds on Gesbroy Island in Lost Ark. Getting them requires a little more effort, but I’ll explain you how.

  • Pick up the first mokoko seed at first. After that, go to the chef and down 15 beers to get a buff good for 4 minutes. After that, head downstairs. To get another buff for two minutes, enter the hidden room and interact with the keg. After that, enter another hidden room. Interact with the keg and take the mokoko seed.
  • For the next, you have to obliterate the big keg. Then proceed past it, go into a different hidden room, engage the keg there, and take the mokoko seed.
  • Then get a ticket by going to a pubkeeper, a voucher seller. Use the ticket at the golden bell and proceed. For nine minutes, you also receive a buff. Put this place on your list. To cross and enter the hidden room, use the pipe. You can finish the achievement by interacting with the keg. Pick up the seed, then sit down in the same space.
  • At this point, check that you have all three of the buffs, then head to this location and enter yet another secret room. Pick up the two mokoko seeds in this room.
  • Then head to this location, that you see on a image above and jump across. You need the buff you got from the golden bell to get here. Enter the secret room and pick up the mokoko seed and the hidden quest. After that, make sure you still have the golden bell buff and head outside to this location.
  • Jump up the cliff and pick up the mokoko seed. Then jump up again and pick up the last mokoko seed. That’s about it. How to get the Gesbroy island soul in Lost Ark.

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