Enlisted Graphic Settings

by Dealon Brounx
Enlisted Graphic Settings

What are the best graphic settings for Enlisted? How do you improve your fps in-game? Can you run this on your low-end PC or laptop? So I hope this article will answer all these questions and possibly help you with running the game with decent frames per second.

What PC do you need for Enlisted?

I wanted to answer the most frequent question that asks me can I run a game with my intel hd graphics. Well, I tested it out on my laptop and it was literally unplayable. I tested it on 1024×768 resolution with 50 resolution scale in the lowest settings possible and I got around 25 fps with massive fps drops and lag specs. So the answer is no, you cannot play this with intel hd graphics. However, it will get better performance if you have AMD Vega Graphics or a dedicated low-end GPU, like GeForce 940MX, or even something like GT1030.

But if you want to get a playable experience with at least 60 fps, you need a GTX card with at least 2 GB of RAM, like the GTX 750TI or GTX 1050

Now I’ll go through all the graphic settings and try to explain and help you get the max fps possible in the game. Enlisted is an online multiplayer game, so as a gamer, I don’t really care about how my graphics look as long as I can hit my shots, so it doesn’t matter if I have a GTX 960 or RTX 3060, I play on the low settings because I want the smoothest experience, but I have to say the game is well optimized. When the game is running, it will use less CPU and max out the GPU, which is always a sign of a well-optimization.

Best graphic settings for Enlisted

1. I recommend you keep this at your native resolution of your monitor

Most people play on 1080p, but if you have a low-end GPU, you can play on 720p, which is also playable. Next up is the mode 

2. You should always play on Full Screen

It’s because it will reduce your latency, and if you have a rtx card, go for the Nvidia TLSS.

3. Set your Temporal Resolution Scale to 100

This will have a huge impact on your fps. I recommend you set it to 100, but you can pretty much double your fps by reducing the resolution scale, but it will make the game blurry, so it’s quite hard to shoot enemies in long range, but if you are struggling to get decent fps, this setting is for you.

4. Make sure you set Temporal Antialiasing to low.

It doesn’t make a significant difference.

5. Set Nvidia Reflex Low Latency to boost 

If your graphics card supports this, you can set it to boost, otherwise disable it. This sync should always be disabled.

6. Set Texture Quality to low

I personally play on low settings, but putting texture to medium makes your overall graphics slightly better. The surface gun models look better in medium. The low settings will give you higher frames.

7. Set Enhanced Texture Filtering to max

These settings will help you get a few fps. I personally set this to max because it makes the game a bit more clear, but reducing it will give you a small fps boost.

8. Set Shadows to low 

Next up, you have shadows. Make sure it is set to low, or it will consume your GPU and reduce your FPS. ‘s a whole bunch of settings that really don’t make that much difference, so make sure all these settings are low and disabled.

Does Enlisted run better with this settings?

With this graphic settings for Enlisted , you can get around 75 fps with this setting and the game will look pretty good. Yes, it can look like CS:GO and everything can be so blurry, but you can get so many fps. I personally can’t play like this, but if you are on a low-end system, these settings could help a lot.

Under the game section you have fov, or field of view. The default value is set to 90. This setting does not make that much difference to your frame rate, so it’s up to your personal preference. Lowering the FOV will cut out the view from the sides but make the game more zoomed in, which should help you shoot enemies from a greater distance. Disabling blood and gore will also give you a few more frames per second.


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