Why do people want Halo Infinite battle royale mode?

by Dealon Brounx
Halo Infinite battle royale

Halo Infinite battle royale

Today we’re gonna be talking about Halo Infinite the battle royale game mode! what we know about it, the pros and cons about it, and how it would affect the whole community and game as a whole. There’s been a lot of discussion and a lot of talk about it over the last couple days. what do we know about battle royale as a whole? I’m going to talk about big streamers talking about things and how it influences their viewers and then battle royales as a whole. So let’s get into it! So first and foremost I can almost say with 100% – Halo Infinite is not going to feature a battle royale game mode on launch. From the files we saw that Jeff Steitzer actually has an announcement, says battle royale. And on top of that, there was a leaked image of like a zone closing in that will slowly deal damage, if you’re outside of that zone. What I think will end up happening is when the forge is released three to six months down the track, people will actually design battle royale and they’ll make it their own forged game mode. If modders get early access to forge like how it was in the fly test and people could get into custom games, when they weren’t supposed to be in custom games. If I can get into an unfinished version of forge I feel like that will just spread like wildfire, then we might get game modes early. But that really falls to 343 to make sure there’s no leaking or there are no pre-existing files anywhere, because as we know all of the campaign spoilers that happened and there was a whole bunch of images that were for concept art that was also in the flight tests. So when the full game releases it’s gonna be very important and 343 doesn’t leave anything in there. Otherwise, people are gonna find it and people are gonna exploit it.

Big streamers

Next up, we’re gonna be talking about big streamers and their effect on their audience from what they say. There are a bunch of streamers who said, that Halo Infinite will die within three weeks if it doesn’t have a battle royale game mode. This has been happening for a very long time and it’s not just exclusive to Halo, but i remember when Halo Reached pc came out, there’s another big streamer who was playing exclusively Halo Reach on pc. So, he was versing all the pros and he got really frustrated with the game because he couldn’t beat them irrespective of what he was using keyboard and mouse or controller. It’s very unlikely that after not playing for six years, you’re gonna pick it up and actually destroy or do really well against people, who are world champions, who have never gotten off the game. Because of this, he insulted the game, he demanded changes over Twitter. This led to the entire chat repeatedly insulting the game and everything about it. Every single time he played it, his viewership dropped because of this and because he kept on complaining and was frustrated all the time and he ended up leaving within a week to go back to the other games. I would argue instead of straight out insulting it and saying it sucks. I would point out what i love, what i don’t like, what i want to see changed. If you are a big streamer, you have influence. People listen to you, you have a voice, don’t go into a campaign overview and just completely say it needs battle royale over and over again. If you see all the graphical changes and all the upgrades, that have happened to Halo Infinite. The big campaign reveals how 343 has worked tirelessly to try and make the campaign the best Halo campaign, we have ever seen.
My final point of the post – Halo Infinite as a battle royale! Yes, it would be an incredible game mode to have the sandbox would be around at 120 and would flow really really well. I’ve said many times before – Call of Duty had a really good trickle-down effect, I feel like playing the CoD Warzone VR and actually going into the other multiplayer game modes. So, it’d be a great thing to have after launch once forge has come out. Hell, even if it’s developer-made after the initial game has come out and every other feature is there I feel like the majority of the halo community would welcome it.


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