How big is a Minecraft chunk?

by Dealon Brounx
How big is a Minecraft chunk

How big is a Minecraft chunk? For example, a chunk is a 16 by 16 block area that goes from the bottom of the world at bedrock all the way up to the highest limit at 256 blocks. Your Minecraft world is separated into chunks, so it is saved in chunks, it is loaded with chunks and it’s a bit hard to explain, but let’s say you create a new Minecraft world. It doesn’t just place each block individually when you generate a new piece of terrain, it generates the world in whole entire chunks at one time and this then leads on to render distance, which you can find underneath Settings. In general video, there is a render distance of 48 chunks.

How big a Minecraft chuck can be?

So a chunk does have a lot of different blocks in it, so lower end devices will not be able to see too many chunks at all, but higher end devices will be able to see many chunks. For example, the amount of chunks that you can see is determined by how much RAM your system has, I believe, except you get to a point where adding more render distance doesn’t really change too much of your Minecraft world.

Some chunks in your Minecraft world are randomly chosen to be slime chunks. This is the same for every single bedrock edition. A slime chunk will allow slimes to spawn, so if you are creating a slime farm, then of course you will want to find a slime chunk.

How to mark out a Minecraft chunk?

Well, why can’t you exactly know where these chunks are and that is because you cannot directly see them in vanilla survival mode for bedrock edition. The easiest thing to do is to just install a resource pack and then apply it after enabling a chunk visualizer pack. After that, you will be able to see the borders of all the chunks in a Minecraft world. So it doesn’t really matter what device you are on. If you are on Java edition, you can use a simple shortcut to show you the chunk of boundaries, but for bedrock edition, this is really the only viable option you currently have.

Why would you want to Minecraft chunk align a redstone contraption?

Now if you wanted to make a slime farm, you can start digging out of this area right here. Or maybe you want to chunk a line a redstone contraption. What that means is building a redstone contraption inside of a single chunk and not having it cross over the border of two different chunks adjusts like that, you must have it inside the chunk. Why would you want to chunk align a redstone contraption or other Minecraft build? Well, it basically makes it a whole lot easier and more reliable to make sure nothing breaks.

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