How do you tame a Panda in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How do you tame a Panda in Minecraft

How do you tame a Panda in Minecraft? So let’s talk about pandas in Minecraft. The first thing you have to understand is how they spawn. They spawn in jungle biomes and one to two to a group on grass blocks. Also, they have to have two airspace above them and it has to be light level 9. They spawn with a randomized personality, a main gene, and a hidden gene. This sort of dictates how they act. It also can dictate their health and stuff like that. They are a passive mob. They wander aimlessly. If you have bamboo, they’ll follow you up to about 16 blocks. This is kind of similar to a lot of the mobs in the game.

Particular things about pandas in Minecraft

So basically there are seven different personalities. They have a randomized personality. There are two different traits. There is a main trait and then there is a hidden trait. Usually the main trait dictates what kind of personality they have. There are five dominant personality types, which are normal, aggressive, lazy, worried, and playful. So if those are in the main slot, that basically means they have that personality. There are two recessive ones, which are weak and brown. Brown actually has a different look but those are the two recessive ones. For them to actually show up as a personality they need to be in both the main slot. If there is a recessive gene that is the main gene and there’s actually a dominant gene that’s the hidden gene, they’ll just have a normal nervous system.

How you can tame a Panda in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, unlike horses, there is no way to tame a panda and make it your pet in Minecraft. A name tag can be used to prevent it from spawning, but a lead cannot be used on it. However, like sheep or cows, you can lead a panda around with bamboo. To breed pandas, you’ll need to use a fenced-in location. Preferably in the same enclosure where your bamboo is growing. When a panda becomes passive rather than indifferent toward you. You can have pandas on your farm even if they are not warriors. You should use caution. Pandas, unlike most animals, require specific items in their enclosure. You’ll need at least eight bricks of bamboo near each pandas, and you’ll need to take your time feeding them both.

Reading a panda doesn’t provide much information. They become passive, which means they won’t attack you if you inadvertently hit them, therefore there aren’t many advantages to breeding. Pandas can sneeze, which very seldom results in the release of a slime ball. Killing a panda results in the loss of bamboo, while farming baboo is more efficient. You’d only want to tame a panda and play Minecraft because they’re adorable.

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