How long will Fortnite be down?

by Dealon Brounx

In this article, I want to talk about the brand new Fortnite season and when we can expect these servers to come back online. One of the post, that came out from Fortnite’s twitter, it says flip your world and a new one will be revealed.

So, you can find that there will be a snow biome and a desert biome. Some others a couple biomes hidden away as of right now. I don’t know specifically what they are, but there’s definitely going to be some other biomes that. A couple people saying or thinking, that these servers will come back as early as tomorrow. I wanted to point to some evidence and some things, that i found online.

I’m definitely pretty hopeful, that the Fortnite servers will come back online very soon.

You can see there’s already even small changes happening to the screen. If we zoom in, you’ll even see that there’s certain objects already starting to pop up out of water. It’s not just a dead screen and it may take a few hours for different objects to pop up. Another thing to keep in mind is that, these servers have not updated yet. If you haven’t gotten a console update for the game or on pc, it’s pretty safe to say that the update has not even been released yet.

I’m pretty hyped to see all the updates and things, that come out in new season.

I know, that there’s some pretty awesome things coming, like sliding. There’s going to be a brand new mechanic, where you can actually finally slide. I’m also pretty interested to see that brand new map and all the new items that come out. A lot of people are wondering when is this game going to be coming back online. Now, you have to remember, that Epic Games does this on purpose, they did this back when the Black Hole event came out. It just simply to hype people up and get people excited for the new season. I think it honestly is a pretty awesome tactic and it works pretty well.

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