How many blocks are in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How many blocks are in Minecraft

How many blocks could you use in Minecraft? I was surprised at how many choices there were, so I went through everything that could be placed down inside of Minecraft and counted it all up.

There are a few categories of blocks in Minecraft

The first part of my blocks is the woods. These are all the signs, pressure plates, wood blocks themselves, fences, anything like I said that can be placed down and this is a 108 total wood thing, so here are the woods. Hopefully one day we will get a bunch more, which would be awesome. Hopefully, with the swamp update and all that stuff, we can get the new whatever the heck trees there were and the palm trees and all that stuff would be awesome over there.

Also, I had the stone, so here I just did all kinds of stone stuff, not everything. There is a little bit more over here, but this is what I call the stone category, and there are 30 things here for our stones. For the cave category, we have all the ores and stuff and also just the andesite and the ice and stuff and also just added the string. This stuff is not really cave stuff, but this stuff you find in caves. String is just you know that and it had to go somewhere .

So, what about other blocks?

So that’s where I decided to put it. There are 40 items. Right over here we have the stuff that can be made of iron, so these are the four things. They’re very simple. Here we have all of our glass, so there are 34 things in glass if you include the regular. It makes it 34. Because I included double chests, the total should be 27.

I apologize there, but that’s all the stuff. I know that’s not made out of wood, but just go along with it. Here we have all of our bricks, so this is everything that is kind of a brick. I know quartz isn’t bricks, and all that stuff, but you know it’s hard to kind of categorize everything here. All of our bricks and stuff that’s good for building building materials and over here there are 54 of them. Here we have all of our sandstone, that is 22. This is the very weird category that I have. It’s just blocks that can be crafted like this. Kelp slime honey honeycomb wheat bone.

I had a grass, my favorite category. There’s seven things of dirt and grass and stuff right over here. We have all of our plant life. These are all the things we get to use to decorate inside of Minecraft. Here’s a beehive because I needed a place to put that. So 90 uh 65 for our nature. Here’s our water. Who doesn’t love the good water category? This is 34. Right over here we have anything that emits light. This is a light block. By the way, it’s amazing. I know it may be and I know this isn’t really. I didn’t know where to put this. Okay, light 14. Here we have snow, ice snow, and snow layers. Who knows, maybe snowier snow will be a new block, but there are already five of those. is just random miscellaneous decorating stuff.

I missed a few categories

So I had a grand total of 702 block slash placeable things in Minecraft. That’s crazy. I didn’t think there’d be that many 700s. This is definitely a lot, right. I think yeah a lot. It’s kind of cool. It’s definitely pretty cool to have that many blocks in Minecraft.

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