How many Dragons are in Elden Ring

by Dealon Brounx
How many Dragons are in Elden Ring

How many Dragons are in Elden Ring? So, there are a total of 13 dragons to fight throughout in this game. Also, I want to reveal you all the dragon locations, including the secret achievement Dragonlord Placidusax. There are two types of dragons in the elden ring: dragons with dragon hearts and optional dragons, which give you a good reward.

How many Dragons with Dragon Heart are in Elden Ring

The answer is ten. The firts one, you probably already found, the Flying Dragon Agheel. He resides in the lake near the start of the game. He uses flame flies up in the air, but overall his health pull is very low, so taking him out on horseback is not that hard.

The second dragon, the Flying Dragon Greyll has a very similar move set to our friend in the lake and also uses fire, but now you’re on a close quarter bridge, so your timing is going to have to be more exact.

The third dragon is the Glintstone Dragon Smarag. He resides in Lorraine, in the lake as well. He resides right here and he has glenstone beams for his breath. A little bit more deadly, but basically the same strategy for taking him.

Next up, we have a different type of dragon, the Magma Wyrm. It is the boss of the gale tunnel, and this one likes to just flop around and launch flames. It’s a little bit of a different fight, but you’re just going to have to dodge and time your most powerful attacks, as you can either bleed hit with strong magic attacks once you get used to its moveset, the Magma Wyrm is not that bad.

The next dragon, the Magma Wyrm Makar, He can be found at the strong precipitous overlook. To get to here, you basically take the ravine and you’re gon na find some ladders at the end of the ravine. Keep making your way up, eventually you’ll get to this dragon. This dragon comes down at you at full speed. Once you get him down to like half health, he’s gon na stand on his high legs and shoot fireballs. He also guards the shortcut to get to the atlas plateau, so it is a good dragon to know the location of, especially if you want to just get to the atlas plateau.

Our next dragon Decaying Ekzykes use scarlet rot in the same way that staying away from fire or freezing does; you’ll stay away from the scarlet rot in the same way that seeing the moonset does, except it uses scarlet rot and it does cover a large area, so be very cautious about staying out of the rotted area.

Next up we have the Great Wyrm Theodorix, who is located right near the cave of the forelorn in the concentrated snow field right at the end of the lake. He’s kind of like the one that guards the atlas plateau with the mimic. If you’ve already got the mimic, he’s not that bad, but he is highly aggressive and he does a lot of damage, so you can find them over here.

Next, Borealis, the Freezing Fog. This is our ice dragon. Now for the first like 15 seconds of the fight, you’re not going to be able to see really where he’s at, so I highly recommend just running around until it starts to clear up. The last time I was finding them, I lost a million souls. He landed on me and he froze me and don’t fight him until you can actually see the battleground and then it’s the same thing as with the flame, it’s just don’t get hit by the ice.

How many optional Dragons are in Elden Ring

Ancient Dragon Lansseax drop a lightning spear

Next we have our Ancient Dragon Lansseax, who actually gives a pretty nice reward, like a lightning spear. You can use a weapon or a spell. When you get to here, look for like lightning, and when you see lightning, go run around in the near area and keep following the lightning. Once you follow the lightning three times, he will land and you can fight him. He is a little bit more powerful than previous bosses. He can actually hit very hard. I do highly recommend magic resistance spell and lightning resistance spell before actually fighting him. Our second to last dragon is located in a dream world that you get from doing Fia’s quest line. I don’t currently have a guide up for Fia’s questline, but I’m about to start a new game plus. 

Once you get to the end of Fia’s questline, then you can fight the Lichdragon Fortissax and save the best.

Finally, we have the Dragonlord Placidusax. It’s a legendary dragon. He’s like, it’s supposed to be near the eye of the storm. Once you leave the elevator, you’re going to come over here. So, you can just run all the rest of the jumps. Be prepared though, this dragon is no joke. He is significantly harder than most of the other dragons and still, by far, the hardest dragon once you get to here. There’ll be an option to lie down. You will be transported to the legendary secret achievement.

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