How many gb is Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
 Gb is Fortnite

Gb is Fortnite

Today i wanted to let all of you know about how many gb is Fortnite and about the insane game optimization, that Epic Games made to Fortnite. That’s right guys, if you haven’t realized already, which i’m assuming most of you haven’t, Fortnite have literally just made the most insane game breaking change, that they’ve ever made before to the overall file size of the game!

I’m not even exaggerating there, they’ve literally made the game the smallest it’s ever been ever since. The game first came out four years ago. Before v 14.40 update the file size of Fortnite was a whopping 89.5 gb. However, after v14.40 update, the devs did somehow, i have no idea how. By the way, i’m guessing they did some like mod 200iq compression method or something like that to the files. Somehow, they were able to make the file size of Fortnite battle royale to now be only 29.8 gigabytes. That’s right! You heard that correctly? I’m not trolling, I’m not joking! Before it was 89.5 gb and it literally filled up my whole ssd, which i was a bit annoyed about. However, i couldn’t be more happier right now and it’s only 29.8 gb and while my ssd couldn’t be more happier. You know what that means, the more sort of healthy and less space your hard drives or ssds have on them – the better they’ll perform overall. So, my FPS in Fortnite should now be higher! Though guys like literally, they were able to cut off a total of like 60 gb from Fortnite just from this one update. That to me is super impressive and i feel like more games need to do. One for example, they need to take a sort of page out of Fortnite’s book as that game the size of it is an absolute joke.

Reinstall Fortnite

By the way, you don’t need to like reinstall Fortnite for this sort of air reduction in file size. Literally, all you have to do is update your Fortnite game, as we speak and it’ll literally do all the compression and reducing of the file size for you. Literally, i didn’t uninstall Fortnite, all i did was update it and then i noticed that my file size was reduced by this much. It’s an absolute game changer and i couldn’t be happier! Games like sort of Warzone and other big games, they need to do this exact same thing as games literally shouldn’t be taken up like half of your hard drive. That is just stupid and more games need to be around the 30 gigabyte range. That, in my opinion, is the perfect size.

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