How many main classes of heroes are in Fortnite: Save the World?

by Dealon Brounx
classes of heroes are in Fortnite

How many main classes of heroes are in Fortnite: Save the World? What class is the best? Well a short answer is four and the soldier! Of course, the real answer is a bit more nuanced and a lot more complicated. Epic Games always changing weapons, you got a little bit more storyline, balance changes and stuff. One thing that isn’t changing in any update and probably never will. They are the four different classes of heroes are in Fortnite: Save the World, that you can play.

Those four different classes are going to be Soldiers, Outlanders, Ninjas and Constructors.

The best class to play is the soldier. That’s actually really not very true. Each class is tuned for a particular role, that is highlighted largely by a few abilities. They commonly found between the different heroes in each of these classes.

Soldiers are great offensive units, that really cater to the popular shoot’em-up style of gameplay. Almost every soldier focused on shooting assault rifles and just dishing out maximum amount of damage with these AR. Also, you just typically have the abilities to throw grenades. You can generate a shock wave or pull out a minigun dual pistols. These benefits start with perks such as advanced tactics and debilitating shots. This one help you dish out more damage to the husks with each bullet, that you shoot. Overall, the soldiers a great well-rounded class. If you’re thinking about what class to play, because you have no idea, soldiers are always a safe bet and a good way to go.

Outlanders are a very useful class.

This game can get grinding. It’s not uncommon to go into a mission with the sole purchase of just gathering more nuts and bolts. Every Outlander has focused acquisition to give you the chance of finding W. If you’re really looking to farm be an outlander. In fact, if you’re doing any farming, you should not be playing any other class. Outlanders are just so much better and you can get all that farming done in a much much shorter time.

Ninjas are an interesting class.

They’re envisioned to be slightly more skill based and like a high damaged melee unit. They tend to start disappearing more as you progress through the game. Ninjas are able to dish out huge amounts of damage with a sword. Also they’re delicate with very little health and shield. They have great mobility and they got double jumps.

Constructors is focused primarily on building and defending around the objective.

These are sort of the unsung heroes of many missions. A very good constructor can totally make up mission a complete. Every constructor has at least one perk, involving speed and cost of the walls, that they built. They’re able to build walls cheaper and more quickly. a
Additionally, constructors have this base ability, which is sort of like a force field around your structures. So, it’s an article about the main classes of heroes are in Fortnite: Save the World.

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