How to be a pirate in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
How to be a pirate in EVE
How to be a pirate in EVE

How to be a pirate in EVE Online? I want to explain this and also the nature of the problem of piracy and crime in this game. How it works and how often it doesn’t work.

What is piracy in EVE Online?

As piracy is defined as simply robbery on the high seas, or in this case, robbery in space, there are a number of ways to legitimately engage in piracy. The war deck system is certainly one way a griefing corp will identify vulnerable corporations or alliances that may not be able to defend themselves from there. They can bully or extort them out of money or destroy their space structures for loot. If it comes to that, scamming and theft is another legitimate way

If you let the wrong person into your corp and they charm you into giving them access to your corp assets, they can and valuable resources that could only come from those regions, things like coffee and sugar, especially sugar. There really is no equivalent to this in Eve, certainly not in Lowsec. And Lowsack is by far the area of space where players are more likely to obtain this criminal and pirate sex status.

The game designates people as pirates or criminals after the security status rating drops to below negative five.

This is also when they begin to appear bright red on your interface. This rating accrues as players steal cargo from others, attack and destroy other player ships and especially if they destroy the capsule or pod of a player. Generally, any kind of criminal act or pod killing drops the most because you’re effectively killing the particular clone of that character. Red criminals are killed on slide in high security space. Eventually, the local police or concord will catch up to them and destroy their ship but not their pod.

So, the one of the more well-known methods of piracy in eve online, the gate camp. Specifically a los sax space gate camp, where the victim has no protection from the near godlike powers of the concord police force but only token protection from the sentry guns on stargates and space stations.

It isn’t always enough, nor can a single warp core stabilizer overcome the number of warp disruption points from several ships the pirates have custom fitted for camping those gates. There are ways to get past these gate camps, but this requires specific ships or specific knowledge to do this properly. People still go through gate camps out of naivety, hubris, error, or just plain carelessness, and if the gate is active enough, pirates can potentially profit quite a bit from these operations.

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